Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

We have had an awesome Memorial Day and Birthday weekend so far! The kids 3rd birthday party was on Saturday and was a great success. The weather held out even though it looked like it might rain for most of the morning. At party time, the sun even poked through a few times. The kids again got tons of present... thanks everyone! We got to spend a bit of time visiting with friends and family that we never get to see often enough. After the party Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, Uncle Ed, Uncle Joe with his kids, and Aunt Kathy hung out for a while. The kids all watched a movie which was so cute to see the cousins hanging out. We made some sandwiches for dinner and before we knew it, it was way past bedtime! Yesterday was the kids actual birthday and we all woke up and went downstairs where the kids got their new bikes! They were so excited about them and the fact that Aunt Kathy stayed the night with us. They love having her here. The kids tried out their new bikes and played with their new toys while Pat and I worked on cleaning up the aftermath of the party. After lunch and birthday cake we then went over Grandma and Grandpa Murphys house to visit for a while. The kids were so tired from 2 days without naps that all they really did was lay on the couch and watch their new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvd. Today we're off to a bbq at my Uncle Ken's house. Good thing we go back to work tomorrow. We're all going to need the rest!

Helena in her new princess crown

Seamus swinging at the pinata

Katie at the ice cream sundae station

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Cake

KMM's grabbing a snuggle at the party

Helena and Shannon looking cute

Seamus and Keiran watching Toy Story after the party

New Bikes on Birthday Morning

Singing Happy Birthday!

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