Monday, March 29, 2010

22 Month's Old

22 months today! They’re getting so big!! Things have started to settle in at the new house. Helena is no longer asking to go “home” every night. That went on for a couple of weeks… usually before bedtime she’d start to cry and say it. We haven’t heard it in about a week at this point. We’ve got almost everything unpacked and put away that we are able to. Now we just need to get some sort of storage system in the garage and then hopefully we can get all of the stuff that was in our shed at the old house stored away. Yesterday we went to our church Easter egg hunt. The kids had a good time, got to see Clay and Drew whom they love, and Pat and I got to catch up with some old friends. It takes us almost an hour to get there now, but it’s still worth it. We even got to go out to Red Robin for lunch and had a pre-celebration of Uncle Steve’s 21st birthday. The big day isn’t until Saturday when we spend the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. That’s his plan, not ours… play with the kids first then let the craziness ensue I guess. I might even get to make it out with the grownups to the big kid party in the evening. We’ll see since the next day is Easter which will be VERY long for all of us since we’ll be visiting relatives after church and probably won’t get a nap in.
Speaking of napping, we’ve been down to just one for months now but there are some days when it feels like it’s not enough! Katie and Seamus are usually good for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon, but it’s a good day if Helena is down for an hour. That girl thinks she’s always going to miss something! She’d rather vege-out on the couch and watch Elmo. We definitely need a little bit of an Elmo-intervention in our house right now. They’re all obsessed. They talk about Elmo, want to watch Elmo constantly, tell us it’s Elmo’s birthday, try to feed Elmo… do you see the pattern yet? We are also still trying to work on potty training with not a whole lot of success recently. Part of that is our fault because we are NOT consistent about asking them to go but the other part is I think they are just not ready yet. They won’t be 2 until the end of May so we have plenty of time yet. We did make a potty chart and so far Katie is the one doing the best. That’s a little surprising to us since she’s the one who fights it the most. I think it must be the stickers. They get one for trying and get a big one if they actually go. We all clap and watch whoever gets a sticker put it on the chart. They LOVE it! Seamus was a little jealous at first because it took him a few days to earn a sticker but now he has one and he’s very proud of it.
We ordered the trio part of their birthday present this weekend, a Little Tikes playground set. Why wait when they could be enjoying it right now? Hopefully it’ll come in the week we’re off for Spring Break so we can get it all set up. They love playing outside now. It’s tough trying to get them to come in most days. The can run around, play with their toys, look at trees and deer poop ( yep they’re my kids!), and go to the park. The fact that they LOVE the new house so much makes me realize we definitely made the right decision in moving. The can race on their riding toys around the loop of our kitchen, dining room, and front room. Hours of fun and lots of giggles with just a few minor fights over who’s riding what in between, yep definitely worth it!
Today we decorated some Easter eggs so some of the photos will be from that and a couple are from yesterday. My dad is going in for his hernia surgery on Weds so I’ll be off work with the kiddos. Pat starts his Spring Break on Thursday so he’ll be off with them and then a week of vacation commences. Grandpa will be out of commission for babysitting on his own for at least 3 weeks so my mom offered to take a week off to help out. After that between Pat and I and Steve’s girlfriend Melanie we will make it happen until he’s well. Say a prayer that he heals quickly, we need our babysitter healthy! Hope all is well with everyone and if we don’t see you have a Great Easter.

Helena at Easter Egg Hunt

Katie at Easter Egg Hunt

Seamus Easter Egg Hunting with Aunt Christi

Mommy decorating Easter Eggs with the kids

Daddy decorating Easter Eggs with Helena

Seamus trying to eat his Easter Egg

Katie decorating her Easter Egg

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boots and Birthday

Now that we have been in the house for just under a couple weeks, we are starting to settle into a nice routine. After a few days of rainy weather we learned that the kids love to splash in the puddles in our driveway. So on Saturday we went to the mall to get Easter outfits for Katie, Seamus and Helena and ended up getting them some pretty cool rain boots. Katie and Helena got cute blue boots with flowers and Seamus got red boots with a dragon face and spikes down the backs of them. They all were wearing the boots around the house until we broke them in outside. On Monday we had my brother Ed, my brother Tim, his wife Robin and my nephew Conner come over to check out the new house. It was fun to have visitors and the kids, especially Katie, like to play with the big kids. We decided to celebrate my birthday since we would all be at my sister Deb's house on Wednesday for her annual Saint Paddy's Day Party. Everything is going well here in the new house, Helena doesn't really even cry to go "home" at bedtime anymore. The only unfortunate thing is that since Day Light Savings Time the triplets never get to see the deer anymore. The pictures are of the three in their boots and then the birthday singing.

Katie, Seamus and Helena in their new boots

Happy Birthday...

...To me

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Post 100!

Wow! 100th post and this one brings big changes! It's been almost a month since we last posted and no, I haven't been slacking. In the last 2 weeks we have bought a house, sold our old house, packed up our entire life including 3 now 21 month olds and moved. Thanks Aunt Becca and Uncle John for helping watch them in this whole process. Big thanks to everyone else who helped us move!! We're not even close to being unpacked but before I get any further behind in updates I wanted to at least post some pictures.

Saying goodbye to the old house, a little sad but necessary

Hello new house!

Playing outside at the new house

Play time!

Our new neighbors, we see them every night!