Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Months Old

The babies turned 10 months old yesterday. It's been a week of milestones. Seamus is continuing to crawl, stand, and try to walk with his toy shopping cart. He is talking more and also waving and clapping. Katie is inch-worm crawling all over the place, keeps trying to pull up on things, and has learned to be more vocal to try and get what she wants when she wants it. I think she may end up being the bossy one of the three. Helena has finally learned to sit on her own! (1 more to go!) She is also starting to pull up to her knees but gets frustrated when she can't stand and chase after Seamus. We also gave them cheese for the first time which they absolutely loved! The first 3 pictures are of them eating their cheese. We also took one last picture with all three of them in their helmets. Now that Helena only wears her helmet at night we needed to get a picture to give to our helmet person who's been asking for one for months. The last picture is of them playing in their exersaucer on their 10 month day.




10 Month Day

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Total Recall

We found out yesterday that all three of the babies' cribs were recalled. We went to the store and order replacements so we could get rid of the faulty furniture. Mary and I took the day off work so we would be able to take down the cribs and bring our vans into the dealership to get a part that was, guess what, recalled. On Tuesday the babies went to the doctor to get their last RSV shots. This was the first time Helena got two shots and Seamus fought very hard to escape the needle. Before they got poked they all got weighed; Katie weighed 21 lbs 14 oz, Seamus stayed at 19 lbs and Helena got up to 16 lbs 14 oz. With Katie's weight confirmed to be close to 22 lbs we had to switch out our clip-out car seats that have a 22 lb weight limit. So, with our day off we decided to put in the new car seats too, and just to be safe and considering the luck we had with the cars and the cribs, Mary checked to see if the new car seats were a recall item too, and it was! Fortunately for us ours were a later model made after the last recall date, so we will keep our fingers crossed that these seats stay okay. There was also fun news the last couple of days. Seamus finally said "Da Da" on the 21st and clapped for the first time today. Helena started to get up on her hands and knees and sat up with only a little bit of help, she even followed Seamus down the hall way today! Katie grew a new tooth on the bottom for a grand total of 5 teeth, and has gotten much more active. Katie scooted down the hallway to get to me today...I felt very special. Hopefully the cribs will come in soon so some babies don't have to sleep in Pack 'N Plays for much longer.

Katie doing her "Inchworm Scoot"

Seamus standing in his Pack 'N Play, waiting for his new crib

Helena with crazy hair after her bath

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Daddy's Birthday!

Katie, Seamus, and Helena 1st St Paddy's Day!!

Pat turned 30 on St Patrick's Day and we actually got to go out! We went out to dinner and then down to the Joe to see the Wings play the Flyers. It was a good night and we had a lot of fun. Kathy, her mom, and mother-in-law all came over to watch the kids. They had a great time themselves showing off for their visitors. We actually had birthday cake and a wonderful corned beef and cabbage dinner that my dad made for us the day before. Thanks again dad! The babies and I sang to Pat and he blew out his candles. They even got to have a little piece of cake. I'm not sure they actually ate any of it but they liked playing with it.

We've also had a pretty busy week of learning new things.

Helena is finally holding her own bottle and has a new tooth. She is so close to crawling that any day now she'll be chasing after Seamus.

Katie is becoming a scooting machine and pulled herself up to kneeling in her crib for the first time today.

Seamus got a new toy- a shopping cart and loves to stand up with it. He's also started standing without holding on to anything for a few seconds at a time. I swear they will all be walking and talking before we know it. Speaking of talking, Katie and Helena both say mama, dada, and baba. Seamus says mama and baba, but no dada yet. Pat is very upset about it but won't admit it! I think they all try to say something like grandpa too but we're not quite sure about that yet.
Tomorrow night we get to go out again for some sushi- yuck! Pat loves it though and so do Kathy and Chris who we're going out with so I guess I'm out numbered. Aunt Becca's coming over to babysit WooHoo!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 Month Stats

Monday was the babies 9 month well baby visit. Pat had conferences so my dad went with me and the babies to the appointment. Overtime again, right dad! It went pretty well. They weren't very busy and we were seen pretty much right away. Their stats are:

weight: 21 lbs 2 oz 75-90th percentile
height: 28 in 50-75th percentile

weight: 19 lbs 25th percentile
height: 28 in 25-50th percentile

weight: 16 lbs 10oz 10-25th percentile
height: 27 in 25-50th percentile

This week has gone by pretty quickly. All 3 of the babies appear to be teething again with Helena taking it the worst. Her 2 top front teeth are trying to poke through and she (and us) have been miserable. Thanks God for tylenol. It finally allowed us to get a little sleep last night. Aunt Kathy D came over today and the babies gave her their gift. It was her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Kathy!! They were more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else but it was fun. Katie got to show off for her Godmother, and the other two were just happy to have a new audience. We've also started giving the babies puffs which they LOVE!! We've had to cut them a little smaller though since they haven't quite figured out the whole chewing thing yet. They are doing pretty well with picking them up and getting them to their mouths. They just need more practice with actually letting go once they are there. Speaking of practice, the only thing that our pediatrician was even remotely concerned about at this appointment was the fact that the girls still haven't figured out how to get to the sitting position on their own. She wants us to "practice" with them. Not sure how you do that with a 9 month old but we're trying. If they don't figure it out in the next 6 weeks or so she wants us to get them into some sort of gross motor/developmental program at the ISD. Those two lazy bums better figure it out before then! I tried telling our pediatrician that I personally thought it was more of a motivational problem than anything else but she didn't sound very convinced. We'll see who wins that arguement! Let's go girls don't let mommy down!!

Oh and by the way, Helena is still refusing to hold her bottle most days. Here's proof that she CAN do it, she just won't. I wonder where she gets that stubbornness from??

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets get ready to Rumble!

So it looks like we have a wrestling ring in the basement because we finally built some babies their play area. We got a couple of the baby pens and an extension to create enough room for three babies to crawl around and covered the basement floor with interlocking foam squares. We also set up the kitchen Aunt Mel bought for the babies in their play pen. Seamus loves to stand and play with the kitchen and has tried to pull himself up on the top of he doorway which freaks Mary and I out because he could take a nasty fall. Helena is weaning off her helmet this month and is only wearing it from from bed time until lunch right now. Helena is also becoming a scooting machine so we don't think she if far from crawling around with her brother. Katie still likes sitting the most and will happily sit in one place and play with any toy she can reach, but when we put her on her tummy she rolls all over the place. She even did a few mini-scoots the last couple of days. Katie will probably just start crawling one day, because she just decided to hold her bottle two days ago and holds it like a pro now for every meal. Katie is going to the helmet place tomorrow to get fitted for a new one because her noggin is growing too big for this one. We hoped that Katie and Seamus would be out of their helmets by their first birthday but it may take a few months past it. They all have their nine month appointment on Monday and I can't even make it because I have stupid Parent Teacher Conferences that day. The next post will have how big everyone has gotten so far.


Babies playing on mat

Katie, Seamus and Helena from Left to Right playing in their kitchen

Helena eating biter biscuit

Seamus eating biter biscuit

Katie eating biter biscuit