Monday, May 23, 2011

Katie's 3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Katie,

I can’t believe that you are another year older. In 6 days, you will turn 3 and be officially a little girl. No longer a baby or a toddler, you are becoming so grown up. As we look back at the last year, it’s amazing how much has changed. You no longer sleep in a crib, you are potty trained, can drink from a big girl cup, can dress yourself- even though you don’t like to, went to the ocean for the first time, and can put on your own shoes. I can’t believe you were the first one to be potty trained, especially since you didn’t want anything to do with potties up until the day you decided you wanted princess underpants! You love to be funny and are by far the loudest in our family. That’s saying something because Daddy talks just like a Murphy as well! You like to be in charge and can get a little bossy at times with your brother and sister. For the most part they let you, but when they’ve had enough they let you know. Usually one of you ends up crying but that’s okay, you love each other. You are also very caring. You are the first to comfort anyone who is sad and give hugs saying “it’s okay.” You still love to carry around your dolls Baby Mary with hair and Baby Mary with no hair. You told us she has no hair countless times on the way to see Aunt Kathy Murphy in NC. You love princesses, nail polish, and the color pink, but also like to be a tom-boy and run around playing in the bushes and the dirt. If only we could get you to stop breaking out into itchy rashes because of it! Playing in your tunnel and with blankets building forts make you happy. You also like to play with your cousin Drew. You are bigger than your brother and sister and end up getting most of the new clothes. We had to run out and buy you new shorts because you outgrew most of yours from last year! In gymnastics class you were the most cautious of trying new things. Even though you could do everything, including walking on the balance beam, you were sometimes afraid to try. Don’t be afraid to try new things in life, Katie! There’s nothing you can’t do if you are just willing to try. Speaking of trying, you are becoming quite the picky eater. You like fruit, dessert, and ham and cheese sandwiches, but don’t like very many veggies right now. Let’s hope that changes soon! You are still Mommy and Daddy’s big helper and are the first one to help us clean up the toys at bed time. You love to help us fold clothes and helped us redo the landscaping by carrying us wood chips in your little shovel. Katie, we love you more and more every day. As you get older it is wonderful to see the amazing and beautiful little girl you are becoming.


Mommy and Daddy

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