Monday, March 21, 2011

Bowling and the Moon

This past week we celebrated St. Paddy's Day and Pat's 32nd birthday. Every year his sister Debbie and her husband Pat have a big St. Patrick's Day party at their house. This year was no exception. Lots of Irish food and beverages later, a good time was had by all. The kids especially love getting to spend time with their cousins. Many of the Murphys were missing this year due to a nasty case of the flu going around, but those of us who were there had a great time.

Celebrating Pat's birthday at home

The next day, which was Friday Seamus had another CT scan down at Children's Hospital. Both Pat and I took off work to take him. Every time we think we're about done with that place we get a phone call from his doctor saying she wants to check something else. Thank God Seamus was super good! He stayed so still that they were able to do the scan without having to knock him out. That saved us hours this time around! He was starving since he couldn't eat the morning of, so we stopped to get him some breakfast. It was weird with just the three of us at the restaurant but I think he enjoyed all of the special attention. He even got a coloring book and a toy school bus from the nurse before we left the hospital.
Friday evening we took the kids to go watch Pat play in his indoor soccer game. It's not something they normally get to do since the games are normally really late. This one was an 8pm start so we figured we'd risk it. They had a good time hanging out with Aunt Kathy D and Mrs. Trakul. By the time we got home though, we had 3 super cranky kids.
On Saturday the kids bowled for the first time in the GCU Junior bowling tournament. We knew most of the kids who were there including the Hycki boys, the Swanneys and Dorothy. It was a lot of fun and they all got trophies. Drew actually won the "big" trophy for the 2-3 year old boy category and Margie, George, Fred, and Dorothy won for their age categories as well.

Acting silly at the bowling alley

Getting the trophies

The "Big" winners

Katie, Helena, Seamus, Clay, Drew, and Chris

As of today we have 11 days until we leave on our big trip to see Aunt Kathy Murphy in NC. All of us our getting super excited! Pat and I can't wait to just get away for a few days. We haven't gone anywhere on Spring Break in years and since it's not actually at Easter time, this was the perfect opportunity. The only other exciting this that's happened around here is that we had a really cool looking moon the other night... Here's a picture!