Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kiawah Island and Easter 2012

We have had a busy April so far this month. The first week, for Spring Break, we went on the 3rd Annual Visit Aunt Kathy Murphy Trip. The first stop was again Charleston WV, and this year we made it there in time to actually walk around and see the Capital of West Virginia. This was mostly due to the fact that Mary woke up excited at 6:00 AM and got everyone else up to go an hour before we planned.

Seamus, Helena, Katie and Pat at the Bell in front of the Capital Building, WV

Seamus, Helena, Katie and Mary Ringing the Bell in front of the Capital Building, WV

After our stop in WV, we continued to my sister Kathy's house in Charlotte, NC. We relaxed and talked for as long as we could before we were convinced by Helena to got to the pool and swim. The pool ended up being curiously cold for the warm day, and the one who fought so hard to get us there did not swim at all. The next day we went for a boat ride around lake Norman, which is one of the largest man made lakes in the country.

Chef Kathy Murphy, Chef Katie and Chef Seamus cooking dinner our first night in Charlotte, NC

Waking up at Aunt Kathy Murphy's House

The kids getting ready for the boat ride

Katie and Pat at the front of the boat

Mary, Helena, Seamus and Aunt Kathy in the boat on Lake Norman

From there we went to Kiawah Island, SC to what the kids call "Aunt Kathy Murphy's Beach House." We stayed at the Sanctuary, future site for the PGA Championship 2012, a fact greatly appreciated by by golf dorks like Mary, Kathy and I. We then spend two days and three nights living the ocean life and spending a lot of time on the beach. Some highlights were Seamus and Katie catching a bucket full of hermit crabs, me catching a blue crab and Helena Mary and Kathy showing up with two buckets full of conks while Seamus, Katie and I were making sandcastles. The last night before we left a storm rolled in, so the timing of the weather this year was absolutely perfect for us. After out time on the coast, we drove back to "Aunt Kathy Murphy's City House." The next morning before we left, the Easter Bunny made an unexpected stop at my sisters house. The kids got to search for Easter eggs before breakfast. Shortly afterward we unfortunately had to leave, it was the end of a great visit and vacation.

Mary and Helena on the beach

Aunt Kathy Murphy, Seamus and Katie on the beach when we were "not going swimming yet"

The trio on the balcony of their room at The Sanctuary

Katie Beach Photo

Seamus Beach Photo

Helena Breach Photo

After stopping on the way home in New Philadelphia, Ohio we made it back on Saturday afternoon, just in time to settle in and get ready for Easter. We relaxed for as long as we could on Saturday, because we had a long day on Easter. The kids awoke to look for more eggs left by the Easter bunny, before we headed out to church. After the mass and the Blessing of the Easter Baskets we visited at Grandma and Grandpa Huddas' House and had Easter Basket Lunch. Afterward we briefly visited Aunt Carole and Uncle Pete's get together before heading to Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's for Easter Dinner. Good thing we had the Monday after Easter off work so we could recuperate before returning to work. This week was exciting too! We started swimming again, and this time their cousin Drew decided to join their class. Saturday was the start of their spring session of soccer, and they had a sleep over with their cousins Drew and Clay. While they were at their sleep over, Mary and I got to go to a movie that didn't feature singing rodents and ate dinner out without three other people eating off our plates. It was kind of a strange experience, but it was fun for us and the kids.

Katie and Helena searching for their Easter Eggs

Seamus waiting for the Easter Basket Blessing

The Family at Church on Easter