Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Party 2012

On Wednesday my work had an Easter Party for the families of the staff. The kids were double excited to go: excited to party with the Easter Bunny and secondly to say "hello" to Sheldon the Turtle. After visiting Sheldon, the kids went to eat some pizza and drink juice, then got ready to search for Easter eggs. The found the eggs much faster this year than they did last Easter. After the egg hunt, they went to the gym to play games. There was a variety of activities for the kids to play with, balls, face-painting, balloon animals, etc. But since there was a parachute to play with, they focused on that and spent nearly the entire time there flapping the parachute. This was a good start off to an exciting week. On Thursday (Technically this morning)Uncle Chris came home from National Guard Training in Texas and finally got to meet the twins. Tomorrow Mary, the kids and I embark on our 3rd Annual "go See Aunt Kathy Murphy" trip. We will start off getting to her home in NC and then proceed to sunny SC to spend the some time on the ocean. We are all very excited to get going and have a fun trip. The photos are of the kids with the Easter Bunny in the Gym at my school.

Katie with the Easter Bunny

Seamus with the Easter Bunny

Helena with the Easter Bunny

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saint Patricks Day 2012

Seamus and Katie in their hats they made in Preschool

There was some excitement before the old St. Paddy's Day festivities this year. Our friend Kathy (Aunt Kathy Doggy to the kids) had one of her twin boys come home with her on the first Saturday of March. We were all very happy for her, and we have to constantly deflect the question "When can we go see the babies?" from three very eager but recently sick 3 and a half year-olds. A couple weeks later my sister Kathy (Aunt Kathy Murphy) flew into town from NC to spend some time with us and go to my sister Deb's St. Patrick's Day Party. This year that it fell on a Saturday,so we were able to sleep in, go to a nice lunch with with my sister Kathy and Grandma and Grandpa Huddas, and even take a nap before going to the party. The kids made it much longer into the evening this year, partly due to a great nap. The weather was so nice that they pretty much played outside the entire time and had a blast. The Tuesday and Thursday leading up to March 17th the kids learned about Leprechauns at school, which they called "lepers" at first, and made some pretty nice shamrock hats. On the Sunday the 18th, Mary the kids, and I tried to make an Irish Whiskey Cake for Grandpa Murphy. I think the kids helped more than I did, and the cake was received well at our visit to Grandma and Grandpa Murphy's house. Then last Wednesday, our friend Kathy (Doggy) got to take home her second born from the hospital,we are happy they are all home now. March has been a pretty busy month for us, so we are all looking forward to our annual Spring Break trip to visit Aunt Kathy Murphy in NC. March has been so busy that we have barely started packing that Mary and I are starting to freak out that we won't have time to properly prepare for the trip.

Helena refusing to take a picture in the Shamrock Hat she made

Mary and I trying to get a picture of Helena wearing the hat she made in Preschool

Seamus helping Mary decorate my Birthday Cupcakes for the St. Paddy's Day Party

Katie helping Mary decorate my Birthday Cupcakes for the St. Paddy's Day Party

Seamus, Aunt Kathy Murphy, Helena, Mary, and Katie making the Irish Whiskey Cake