Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October of full Weekends

There has been some good fall-time fun around these parts so far in October. As we said last post, we had early Trick or Treating with Aunt Becca, Uncle John, Clay and Drew. Some more of our fall-time fun was raking up leaves. This is our first autumn in the new house and there are A LOT of leaves here. While Mary and I raked we had help from the trio. At first they were helping me push around the wheel barrow, and helped Mary rake. Eventually this became them all rolling around in the leaves. On Saturday we went to Grandpa Huddas's 3rd Annual Oktoberfest. The highlights for the kids was of course the hay ride behind the tractor. Seamus and Helena were lucky enough to get to drive the tractor! We have more fun weekends coming up. This week we go on Sunday to See Mary play in a concert. Then the weekend after that is Halloween, when we go over Aunt Debbie and Uncle Pat's House. There we will Trick or Treat with Bryan, Shannon, Jack Kevin, Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin, and Conner. There has not been one weekend this month we didn't go somewhere. Maybe we'll relax a little bit in November.

Seamus and Katie raking leaves

What good helpers!




The kids making the Oktoberfest sign with Aunt Melanie

Hay Ride Time

Seamus driving tractor with Uncle Steve

Helena driving tractor with Uncle Steve

3rd Annual Shoe Kick (We didn't win again, I think its fixed)

Grandpa Huddas explaining the Shoe kick results to the kids at Oktoberfest

Monday, October 11, 2010

A Month of 5 Weekends!

Aunt Becca and Helena Trick or Treating

Katie and Seamus Trick or Treating with Mommy

The Hycki Clan, Aunt Carrie, and Aunt Christi and Uncle Wayne

Another week into October and it doesn’t feel like we’ve slowed down a bit. Pat and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on Saturday. When we got home Friday after work, we were greeted with a Happy Anniversary sign that the kids made with the help of Grandma and Grandpa Huddas. They also made us a cake and cupcakes which we of course had to try right away. From the looks of them, the kids did most of the work themselves, which was awesome! Pat’s parents came over for a visit Friday evening so we got to spend some time with both sides of the family this weekend. Saturday, our actual anniversary we spend cleaning up the yard and then going to Outdoor Adventure which is a campground with the Hycki’s. There is a big Halloween party there every year so the kids got dressed up and we went to hang out with their cousins. They actually shut the roads down for a few hours so thank God Aunt Becca had a well stocked camper or our trio may have starved. Katie was still terrified of anyone wearing a mask. I think Seamus was more afraid of Katie being afraid, than anything else. Helena could have cared less about anything but getting stuff in her pumpkin bucket. Grandma Huddas stayed at the campsite passing out treats and went through 540 pieces in less than a half hour. That tells you how many people were there. The kids had a great time, but they were exhausted by the time we got home. Sunday we stayed home and cleaned up the house, worked on the yard some more, and actually saw the Lions win a game this season! I love fall, I just hope the good weather last. Thanks Becca for the idea for the title to this post, as her message to me said it only happens once every 823 years and it was just 10/10/10. I love random facts!

Helena being a friendly Lion

Seamus the Dragon or as he says "he's a dinosaur"

Katie cracking herself and Daddy up in her Giraffe costume

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Congrats to George and Laura!

All dressed up and ready to go!

We've had a great weekend of celebrating the marriage of my cousin George and his beautiful wife Laura. The whole family went to the wedding and the reception, we had a great time! We had some delicious food, danced a ton, and I even got to see one of my former co-workers who played in the band they had. Good thing the kids all got new dancing shoes! Last weekend was just as exciting with us meeting up with some friends at the Renaissance Festival. The only downside was when on of the giant headed characters came up to us and scared the kids. We've been talking about the "man" ever since and Seamus has started to be scared of everything. Bedtime has been a little tough since the "man" scared him. We've also started full-fledged potty training. The trio are now in pullups during the day and diapers just at night. Seamus has been getting M &M's for his successful tries but the girls have been so anti-potty that I think they've each only gotten candy twice all week. Whoever said girls are easier to potty train has clearly not met our stubborn young ladies. We just keep thinking that they'll be ready by the time they go to kindergarten but it may not be much before that! Grandma and Grandpa took the kids including Drew on a picnic to Wolcott Mill this past week. They got to ride on the tractors and see the cows which they LOVE! According to Grandpa they were all squealing as soon as they turned into the lot. Hopefully we'll have a few more nice days this fall to be able to do things like that more often. We've gone to the local park and farmer's market a few times already. We're starting to see deer in the mornings and evenings again in our backyard so our nice days are probably numbered. Guess we'd better enjoy it while it lasts. Here's a bunch of pictures from the wedding!

Helenea and Helena dancing

Grandpa and Helena dancing

Clay and I twisting, he's such a good Godson!

Pat and Clay dancing, I think they were supposed to be dancing with the girls!

Becca, Clay, Drew, Katie and Aunt Carol

Grandpa and Katie dancing

Grandma and Seamus

Pat, Aunt Carol, Grandpa, and the trio cutting a rug

Having fun at dinner