Friday, June 25, 2010

Yogi Bear, Oh Yeah!

We got home from vacation a few days ago and have talked about Yogi and Boo Boo Bear ever since. Helena keeps saying Yogi Bear, Oh Yeah. She says it like the Macho Man Randy Savage from wrestling used to say it. Most of you probably know him from the old Slim Jim commercials. It's pretty funny to hear! We had a great time and can't wait until we can go again next year. On a less exciting note... Seamus is going for another CT scan down at Children's Hospital on Monday morning. So much for being done with that place. His doctor is not a 100% happy with the x-ray results so we need to run some more tests. Hopefully we'll know more next week. For now, here's some pictures of the things we did while we were gone.

Father's Day Brunch at the Indian River County Club

Pat with the kids on Father's Day

At Leg's Inn in Cross Village

Throwing rocks by the Mackinaw Bridge

Lake Michigan at Petoskey State Park- it was REALLY cold!

On Mackinaw Island looking at the boats

Katie and Seamus saying Goodbye to Boo Boo

High Four Yogi!

Helena saying Goodbye to Yogi

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Father's Day (early)!

Sleep over with Clay and Drew!

The last week of school is upon us again! Pat’s last day was actually this past Friday so he’s now home with the kids and Grandpa gets to start his summer vacation. Good thing because he’s packing the camper so we can join them on vacation up in Indian River. I however work until Thursday and then we pack to go up north for almost a week. Since the big 2nd birthday party we’ve been running around like crazy people. We had a fun sleep-over with Clay and Drew. We still need to go through all of the pictures of the party and get them printed out so we can update their scrap books. That’s my goal of the day today. The trio had their 2 year appointments this past week. Katie is now 30 lbs and 34 inches, Seamus is 25 lbs and cheated by standing on his tippy toes to measure 34 inches. Really he’s more like 33 inches, nice try buddy! Helena is 23lbs and 32.5 inches. They all have a pretty nasty cold now too thanks to our visit to the pediatricians office. The scratchy feeling in my throat had better pass quickly! Seamus had what we hope is his final recheck for his head down at Children’s Hospital on Friday. He had to have x-rays done and then we waited about 3 hours to see the doctor with about 150 other babies and toddlers. No, this is NOT an exaggeration! He was very good! The doctor still needs to review the x-rays but if they come back okay then he’s good to go. The concern is that he still has a bit of narrowing in the back of his head and they just want to make sure that the skull sutures have not prematurely fused. After the appointment on Friday we had a surprise bbq to celebrate Grandma Huddas’s retirement. After too many years to count of teaching, my mom has decided to retire and start her second career of babysitting grand kids. I know Drew is looking forward to it for sure! Saturday we went to Clay’s 5th birthday party. It was super hot but everyone had a good time thanks to the giant bounce house water slide. Pat and the kids were soaked and exhausted by the time we got home which tells you how much fun they had. We even got to go on a hayride to see some cows behind an antique John Deere tractor thanks to Uncle James. Clay’s actual birthday was yesterday along with Uncle Ed’s so Happy Birthday guys! My car door broke somehow while we were at the party so we also had to take it in yesterday to get it fixed. Thank goodness they could do it right away. We weren’t too fond of the idea of Pat being home without a car or having to get the trio up to drive me to work this morning. On Sunday we went and visited Grandma and Grandpa Murphy to celebrate Father’s day with them early since we’ll be up north. Well, 1st hour exams are about to end which means I need to actually get to work. Happy early Father’s to everyone!

Clay and Helena

Drew and Katie

Feeding Percy the snake

New swim cover-ups snotty noses and all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Two Year Olds, 2 BBQs, and a Baptism

Happy Birthday Katie, Seamus and Helena! We had one heck of a busy holiday weekend, starting off with the big 2nd Birthday Party for the kids (I guess I need to stop calling them babies now). Good thing we had some help getting things ready. Grandpa Huddas and Uncle Steve set up big tents for us, Aunt Kathy Dressig decorated their Sesame Street cake, and Aunt Kathy Murphy, who came over to stay a couple nights from NC, help set up some decorations and stuff on Saturday morning. We had a good turn out and it was nice having pretty much all of our family and friends at the new house, at the same time. We really lucked out on the weather and we all enjoyed spending the afternoon outside playing games, decorating cookies and whacking a turtle pinata. After the party we didn't really relax, we went to Mary's cousin Nicholas' Christening on Sunday Morning. Then we went to Uncle Chris' Birthday BBQ and I got to see baby Ava for the first time. After that much excitement any normal people with three 2 year olds may have relaxed, but no one has ever accused us of being normal. We went to Milford on Monday morning for a Memorial Service at Mary's Grandparent's Cemetery. Afterwards we went to a BBQ at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Margo Huddas' house. The kids had fun watching the squirrels and chipmunks. Uncle Kenny took the kids and I on a "Gator" ride through the woods. Helena insisted on going three times. Its a good thing we started giving Katie Zyrtec and use Neutrogena sun screen, because we didn't have a break out from the lotion all weekend! Right after everyone got done eating lunch, the rain decided to roll in. We all went into the house or garage to stay dry. Some how during the rain Seamus, Grandpa, Clay, Drew and I all ended up out in the rain. Good thing Mary had the forethought to have a spare set of clothes for Seamus to change into. All in all we had a fun break from work and the kids enjoyed their Birthday weekend.

OOOOH! Presents!

Aunt Kathy Murphy, Helena, Katie and Seamus on "Kathy's Bed." Hooray!

Seamus in his Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Helena in her Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Katie in her Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Birthday Cake

Seamus, Katie, and Helena with their Pinata Baggies