Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Animals and Neurology

The week after the big third birthday party, we had a relaxing week at home. Our excitement of the week was walking around the neighborhood passing out info for the HOA. On Saturday we all went to Wolcott Mill to see the cows get milked, and see all the other farm animals. We had a lot of fun there, but Helena got a little scared of the cat because it started to follow us. After our trip to the farm we packed up a cooler and a basket and had a pic nic lunch at Stoney Creek. The kids were so tired after our lunch we could not stop at the beach, so we went home to nap. After nap we went into our pool for the first time this summer. On Sunday we went to the zoo, and we saw all the animals there too. We even went to the 4-D theatre to see the Dora Rain forest movie. We put on the special glasses and saw 3-D, got sprayed with water and smelled the flowers and bananas. They all liked it, but I think Katie enjoyed it the most. On Monday, Seamus had his appointment with the neuro-surgeon. He looked at Seamus' scans, checked and measured his noggin and told us there was nothing to be worried about. We were all very relieved by the news. Today we were busy getting ready for our garage sale this weekend. After the sale we have Clay's birthday party before starting the last week of school. The pictures are from Saturday in the pool.

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