Monday, May 23, 2011

Helena's 3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Helena,

In 6 days you will be 3 and a big girl, not a baby or a toddler anymore even though Mommy likes to say that you’ll always be her baby. You have grown up a ton this year. You have a big girl toddler bed, can drink from a big girl cup, you pick out your own clothes and dress yourself, can put on your own shoes, and are even potty trained! You were our holdout and wanted to wait until you were 3 as you liked to tell us, but you decided to be a big girl and did it! You also went to the ocean for the first time and went roller skating. You did really well on skates and didn’t even want anyone to hold your hand. You are still our cuddler, and like to be held when you wake up from naps and while you have a few minutes of quiet time to yourself. Good thing because Grandpa, Mommy, and Daddy would miss that special Beana time! You are so smart and know all of your letters and numbers. You can even make your letter H and love to draw it on everything, including the driveway with your sidewalk chalk. You like to play by yourself or with Katie and love to read books and color. You like to pretend that the round building blocks are cups, and like to play with the plates, forks and spoons to bring everyone food, and then ask “You like it? Want more?” This makes Mommy and Daddy see how you can be creative and care about everyone in the family. Baby Deer is still your favorite bedtime pal and we’ve had to have talks with you about him keeping you awake because you have to sing to him. Silly Baby Deer, he even jumps out of bed sometimes and makes you lose your blankets! Gymnastics has been fun for you, you love to run around and be silly. Sometimes the listening and following directions part of it were tough though. By the end, you had gotten much better and could run around like crazy and still come back to do the exercise you were on. You love the water and want to “swim” in the bathtub all the time. You are so excited to go see Yogi Bear this summer and swim in the pool. We even have to stop you from playing and splashing in the puddles after it rains. You also love to swing on your swing outside. Helena, you are still the most sensitive and get very upset when you get in trouble. Keep that sensitivity, it’s a good quality to have if you can keep it in check. You can also be the most stubborn which sometimes works against you. Blame Mommy for that! Your favorite color is purple, and you love anything "cute" or with Tinker Bell, especially your purple earrings, nail polish, and dresses. Mommy and Daddy love their little Bean very much and are proud of the beautiful little girl you are becoming.


Mommy and Daddy

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