Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas the Night Before Christmas School Play

At school this year the kids did a Christmas Play including some singing of carols. Seamus got to play the moon in the night sky. Katie was a dancing sugar plum fairy. Helena was one of the children all snug in her bed. Their teacher Mrs Daniel read the story while the class acted out the parts. It turned out really cute! Afterwards the class had a party where they had ice cream for the big treat. It's December in Michigan, but when you ask a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds what kid of party they want, ice cream is usually involved!
Helena all snug in her bed on stage!

Dancing sugar plum fairy Katie

Seamus, the best Moon ever!

Getting ready to sing

Ice cream social in the kids classroom

Dance and Church Christmas Parties

This year is our first year dancing with the Zamek Polish Dance group. Every year they have a big Christmas party with a catered dinner and even invite Santa to come. The kids had a great time having dinner with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas along with their teacher, Ms. Pam and her family. Grandpa was hoping he would see a sneak peak of their dancing but he's going to have to wait until April like everyone else for the recital!
Helena and Santa
Seamus and Santa

Katie and Santa
This year for the catechism play, the girls got to be angels and Seamus was a Magi.  They all had lines this year too!  Here is a picture of the girls saying "do not be afraid".  Seamus's 2 lines were  "look a star" and "I will give him gold".  They were all so proud and did a great job!
Angels Katie, Helena, and Margie

Magi Seamus, bearing gold

Singing for St Nicholas to come
The children did a great job singing for St Nicholas and he even showed up to pass out presents to all of the kids and their teachers.  Poor St Nick (Uncle Mike) even got the honor of holding some of the teachers on his lap!
Helena and St Nick

Seamus and St Nick

Katie and St Nick

Aunt Becca

Aunt Christi

Western Tree Farm and Our Tree

We went to Western Tree Farm in Applegate this year with the family to pick out our tree. After Katie picking a really crooked stinker last year, we decided to let Pat have the honor of picking and this is the one he came up with. It hasn't lost many needles yet or fallen over so I guess it's a keeper.

After cutting down our tree we went inside to see Santa and told him what we all want for Christmas. He was nice enough to give us a candy cane and pose for pictures.

Poor Grandma had to take a picture with all these crazy kids!

Helena and Seamus are helping to put ornaments on the tree

Katie putting ornaments on the tree

Pictures in front of the finished product, star, tinsel and all!

St Nicholas Day and Scout

The kids made out again this year on St. Nicholas Day. The were so excited to see what they had in their shoes that they were all up before Pat and I left for work in the morning.

Shoes before and after...

Seamus with his Super Hero present

Katie and her Princess Snow White

Helena and her Princess Ariel

This year our Elf on the Shelf named Scout has been up to some mischief. Somehow he got himself surrounded by army men while we were sleeping! He still looks happy about it. He also drew silly mustaches on the kids picture.  They didn't like that at all!  I guess this means the kids have been acting good and Scout hasn't had to report any really naughty behavior. Good thing!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Its been a long time since we posted a blog, and its nearly Thanksgiving already! October was a fun packed month, and the kids fit a lot of activities in the tenth month this year. On October 4th, the kids had their first field trip in Five Day Preschool to Upland Hills Farm, and I was lucky enough to go with them.  It started of with a hay ride to the walk though story book called "The Duck Farmer."

Seamus on Hay Ride

Helena on hay ride

Katie on hat ride

Seamus, Katie and Helena in the Story Book Walk

 After the hay ride we walked around and saw all the animals, the kids even got to milk a cow!
Helena milking a cow

Seamus milking a cow

Katie milking a cow

Helena and a turkey

Seamus and Katie with turkeys

At the end of the trip we ate some lunch and played in the playground, Then it was time for the ids to pick out their pumpkins before heading home.
Kids at Upland Hills

Kids with their pumpkins

The next day we headed up to Grandma and Grandpa Huddas' house for the annual Oktoberfest Celebration. The kids got to play with their cousins and the grownups enjoyed traditional German Food and Beverages. The highlights for the trio was the hay ride and the Shoe Kick Competition. This year Katie was the big winner of the Shoe Kick!

Hay ride time

Shoe Kick

Katie the Winner!
On October 20th, we went to the Zoo Boo at the Detroit Zoo with Clay, Drew, Aunt Becca, Uncle John, Aunt Christi, Uncle Wayne, Aunt Mel and Uncle Johnny. The kids had a lot of fun Trick-or-Treating, seeing the shows and the the Haunted House of Reptiles. It was a tiring night, but the kids had a blast.
Zoo Boo with Drew and Clay (yes, he's in the background)
The Sunday before Halloween, we had our Church Halloween Party. The kids got to dress up again and played musical chairs for the first time.

Katie "Iron Girl" Seamus "Spider-Man" and Helena "Rapunzel"

Aunt Christie reading Halloween stories
Finally, we made it to the actual Halloween Day. We all went to Aunt Deb and Uncle Pat's house for Trick-or-Treating with Kevin, Conner, Uncle Tim and Aunt Robin. We also got to see Bryan, Shannon and Jack before they went out with their friends. We had a fun night spending time with everyone there, its a tradition we have done for the last 3 years.

Katie, Seamus and Conner getting Uncle Tim 

Katie and Aunt Debbie