Monday, May 23, 2011

Gymnastics Class

The kids had their last gymnastics class this past week and we finally managed to bring a camera. They've all come a long way since that first class months ago. They have perfected their log rolls, egg rolls, and forward rolls. They can also bear crawl, crab walk, and Spider-Man walk with the best of them on the bars. The balance beam is finally all of their friend and they all love to jump on the trampoline. Next winter if they are still interested we'll probably register them for the next level class. This weekend brought about many firsts. The most important being that Helena is finally potty trained! She didn't want to wait until she was 3 after all. Once we started using her new potty chart she really seemed to get the hang of it. We did have a few days of jealousy from the other two, but I think we can officially say that we are ALL in underpants permanently! Yay!! On Saturday we took the kids roller skating for the first time for Aunt Christi's birthday. They all did really well. Helena even tried doing it without holding any one's hand. Seamus and Katie did a few laps around and were very brave about it. I'm just happy that I didn't fall, it's been been over 20 years since I've been on roller skates! On Sunday we went out on Grandpa and Uncle Steve's new boat for the first time. We all had a really good time. I was nervous at first because last year Katie was terrified of boats. Maybe it was the larger size and more stability of the new boat but we were all laughing and smiling into the wind while we zipped around Lakeville Lake. Uncle Steve even went water skiing. The only drawback was on our way back in, somehow we snapped a blade off the prop. Guess we're bad luck... Hopefully it'll get fixed soon and we'll be able to spend time out on the water this summer. The kids are super excited for their birthday party on Saturday. Say a prayer that the weather cooperates!

Hee-Haws on the bar

Helena doing donkey kicks

Seamus walking the "S" course

Katie on the balance beam

Playing parachute with Coach Keith

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