Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St Patrick's Day 2014

Helena, Seamus, Katie and Drew

Seamus, Katie and Helena

We started off St Patrick's Day going to morning mass, but since our Priest forgot it was Sunday, we celebrated with St Patrick's Day/Birthday donuts until the trio went to catechism. We then visited with Grandpa and Grandma Huddas, Aunt Becca, Aunt Christie, Drew and Clay before we headed back home.  Although our St Paddy's Day evening plans usually involve going to Aunt Debbie McAleer's house, she decided to take a year off from her annual shindig. Since it was a Sunday , we went to our usual Sunday stop at Grandpa and Grandma Murphy's. It was a bit smaller than my sisters get together, but larger than a usual Sunday. We got to visit with Uncle Tim and his family, Uncle Dan and his clan, and uncle Ed. We had Irish drinks and ate traditional boiled meat before indulging in the Birthday Cheesecake Aunt Robin made. The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins, Aunts and Uncles before we headed out to get the kids (and us) home by bed time.

The kids giving me the present from them and mommy

Present Time!
Singing Happy Birthday

Helpers blowing out the candles

Head Doctor and Pre School Field Trip

After a long couple weeks of work for Mary and I, which included State Testing, the funeral of our friend Bill and Parent Teacher Conferences. At least it ended in a bit of fun I was lucky enough to be a part of.  On Thursday Mary took the kids to Children's Hospital for Seamus' check-up with the Cranio-Facial Specialist. Good thing the Easter Bunny made his early stop, because there is an hour wait there on  good day and the kids pass the time on their iPads. The real good news is that his head looks good and he didn't need any extra scans or tests, he just needs a yearly check for a couple more years. The next day I got to take off work and go to the kids' preschool field trip to Pump it Up. The best part was spending the day with the kids and then going out to a Lobsterfest dinner at Red Lobster with the Family. The worst part was having the Technotronics stuck in my head because of the name of the filed trip destination.

Swimming update

The kids finished their winter swim classes last week and we have a couple of graduates! At the end of the first session, Katie graduated to Level 2! We were very proud of her. At the end of second session, Seamus also graduated to Level 2! We are confident that Helena will soon be following suit, as they are all pretty good swimmers. I told them when they pass Level 2 everyone in the family will be a better swimmer than daddy. Now thats motivation...


The Easter Bunny Must Be Crazy!

 On Saturday March 9th, the Easter Bunny made an unscheduled stop at the Murphy House. Since we will be with Aunt Kathy Murphy during Easter in South Carolina, the easter bunny was worried that he wouldn't be able to find us. So he left an early present that will be useful on the long drives this year to SC and Disney as well as used for writing practice. Oh yes, the Easter Bunny gave the kids iPad minis. at least he was smart enough to block the internet and app downloads on the settings. The kids absolutely love the iPads, and are already near experts on them!

Seamus' letter from the Easter Bunny 
Katie's letter from the Easter Bunny
Helena's letter from the Easter Bunny



Mardi Gras Tea, Boy Day and Dance Picture Day

February 10th Mary and the girls signed up to go to a tea party after church. They got to spend time with Aunt Becca, Aunt Christi, and some other friends while enjoying tea or the hot beverage of choice (Mary and the girls opted for hot cocoa). There where also baskets donated that were raffled off. Before Seamus and I left, he got to pick one for Mary to buy a ticket for. He ended up winning a leprechaun and tickets to the March 10th Celtic Music show at MCC Auditorium.

Katie and Aunt Melanie

Helena and Kate

Helena, Katie and Aunt Christi

Mary and Katie

Helena at the tea

While the girls were at tea, Seamus and I went out for a boy day. we started off at Red Robbin for a lunch of Burgers and Shakes. Seamus got a strawberry shake, and I went for the Guinness and Jameson's one.  After lunch we went ice skating. We showed up a little early, so we looked in the pro shop, played some Angry Birds and watched some of the Red Wings beating the Kings in a matinee game. Seamus enjoyed skating just as much as the last time, and decided it was ok if his girls came with us the next time.

Lunch at Red Robin
Boy Day ice skating
A few days later on Thursday the kids had their pictures taken at Dance:

Helena, Seamus and Katie

                        Helena, Seamus and Katie

First Class