Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Fun

This weekend we decided to prepare for our ski trip in a couple of weeks by "Camping Out" in our living room after a day of snow fun. Saturday after the kids' nap we all went outside to play in the snow. We went sledding in our back yard and tried to build a Snow Man. Unfortunately the snow was too powdery to make a snow man so we just took a couple extra runs on the sled. Katie only went on about half of the sled rides, but did better than last year when she screamed the whole time. After sledding we had some hot cocoa and started to get read for our camp out. At bed time instead of going to their rooms we set up every one's sleeping bag and Pillow Pals, popped up some popcorn and stayed up late (9:30 is late now) watching a movie before brushing teeth and getting into our sleeping bags. No one really slept in the sleeping bags, Helena kept everyone awake because she said she had "too much energy." The only ones who came close to falling asleep were Mary and me. Seamus was quiet but kept crawling out of his bag to give goodnight kisses. I guess he's not used to having people sleeping around him since he has gotten his own room. Today we went through some stuff in our basement then had the kids walk around the basement in their skates to see how well they could balance. They all did really well, and we plan to take them skating at our ski trip in a couple of weeks. Tomorrow we have their second dentist appointment. Hopefully they cooperate and have no cavities, I would feel guilty if they do because I'm the one who brushes their teeth. The pictures are from sledding in the back yard.

Katie playing outside

Seamus playing outside

Helena playing outside

Katie and Mommy sledding

Helena, Seamus and Daddy sledding

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Christmas Eve By the Tree

Clay performing the first ever recorded Spoon Ear Hang at Christmas Eve Dinner

Santa Steve visiting Christmas Eve Dinner at Grandpa Huddas' House

After Santa stopped by our house

Coming Downstairs Christmas Morning

Oh Boy Presents!

Seamus opening a present

Helena opening a present

Katie Opening Present

Christmas Katie

Christmas Helena

Christmas Seamus

Christmas Kids

Trying out sleeping bags and Pillow Pets

Katie and Seamus helping take down the tree/singing Jingle Bells