Saturday, April 25, 2009

What a pain in the...Leg

We got a phone call from the Pediatricians office last week telling us that the CDC decided that RSV vaccination was needed for the month of April. So unfortunately for some babies they had to go in yesterday to get a couple of shots in the leg. We did get to find out how much they weighed, so here are their updated stats. Katie is the reigning champ coming in at 22 lbs 14oz. Seamus was the next biggest at 19 lbs 11oz. Helena's still the little bean, but she broke the 17 lb mark coming in at 17 lbs 8oz. We did get the good news that they all got their final RSV shot. We are still planning their 1st birthday party and counting the days until Summer Vacation (34 work days, 48 actual days) and can spend all day every day with some babies.

Good thing Katie, Seamus and Helena didn't get too big to hold all three of them yet!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Swing and a Hit

I know that we just posted yesterday, but the babies had a new experience today. They went on their new swings Grandpa Huddas got for them for the first time! Katie wasn't sure if she liked it at first, but eventually all of them loved it! I also had to make sure that the kids had Red Wing shirts for the playoffs that started on Thursday. I could not find any Wings apparel at the Mall and mentioned it to Grandma Murphy who came through with three Red Wings outfits. Mary and I both have to go back to work after over a week off, and it will be hard after so much fun times with the babies. How much longer until Summer Vacation?

Katie, Seamus and Helena in their Red Wing outfits. (Sorry I have you dressed as boys Katie & Helena)

Daddy pushing some babies on their swings

Mommy pushing some babies on their swings

Katie on her swing

Seamus on his Swing

Helena on her swing

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been a really "Bright Week!"

A ton has happened since Pat last posted our Easter pictures so I'm going to try and remember everything as I type this. We have three sitting, crawling, and pulling up to standing babies now so our lives have gotten a little more interesting. Seamus and Katie have even tried to walk while holding on to our fingers. Helena FINALLY has a crib to sleep in. A real, non-recalled, not broken crib instead of her pack and play. We have also started the babies on Stage 3 foods. After a few days of gagging and some actual barfing I think they might finally be starting to get the hang of chewing their food when they eat. They've even gotten better at using their sippy cups! On Wednesday Pat's sister Deb and her kids came over to visit. We missed seeing them on Easter so it was nice to have them come see the babies. They love showing off for their cousins.

Feeding time at the Murphy zoo

Kevin feeding Helena

We also tried giving the babies a bath in the bathtub for the first time. You'll see in the pictures that it didn't quite go as we expected. They loved their baby bathtub but...

Helena last baby bath

Seamus last baby bath

Katie last baby bath

Trying the bathtub... not a hit!

Bathtime today went much better!




On Thursday morning Pat took Seamus to have his skull x-rays done. He needed to have them repeated to make sure his sutures were still open and that his head is growing as it should be. The weather has been so nice here that we took them to the zoo after they came back home. We had some interesting experiences while we were there. We found out that our side-by-side stroller will NOT fit through the entrance or out of the parking garage. Some nice random strangers did help us out but that's the last time that we'll use that stroller there until they're big enough to walk. We also felt a little bit like we might have been on exhibit ourselves instead of just being there to see the animals like everyone else. It was fun though and nice to get out in the sun a bit.

At the zoo

Pat and babies at the zoo

Helena taking a nap instead of enjoying the zoo!

We also found out yesterday that the babies have to have one more RSV shot. So much for being done with those. Our doctors office called and I guess RSV season is not quite over yet so one more dose it is. Today the babies had their helmet appointment down at Children's Hospital. We found out that Helena is officially done with her helmet!!! Seamus's x-rays came back just fine and he gets to start weaning off of his helmet and will be out of it completely in about 2 weeks. Katie has a little while to go yet. Her new helmet is working out well but she has to continue to wear her helmet full time for another month or so and then can go down to wearing it just at night. They go back for a re-check in July and hopefully we will be completely done with helmets!
On a completely different note, I would like to dedicate this post to my Great Aunt Anna who passed away a few days ago. Her funeral was today and because of the babies doctor's appointments I was unable to attend. Our thoughts and prayers are with our family in the McKees Rocks area. I know how much she enjoyed hearing about how the babies were doing and now they have another guardian angel watching over them. We'll miss you Aunt Anna!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The babies' first Easter started off with a turtle stuck to Seamus' head. After breakfast the babies had their photo op before we went to church. We then visited Grandma and Grandpa Huddas, Aunt Carole and Uncle Pete, and finally Grandma and Grandpa Murphy. It was another long holiday for the babies,but they were real troopers and were not cranky until we got home.

Seamus with a turtle stuck to his head

Katie on Easter with Aunt Kathy Dressig's basket

Seamus on Easter with Aunt Kathy Dressig's basket

Helena on Easter with Aunt Kathy Dressig's basket

Babies Easter picture

Katie with Uncle Victor

Seamus with his Easter basket at Grandma and Grandpa Huddas'

Helena with her Easter basket at Grandma and Grandpa Huddas'

Mary giving Katie a Piggy-back Ride

Katie feeding herself dinner

Seamus feeding himself dinner

Helena feeding herself dinner

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Bunny!

Katie and Mommy hunting eggs

Seamus and Uncle Steve trying to hunt eggs and not cry!

Helena and Daddy hunting eggs

Aunt Becca and Drew hunting eggs

Katie the sitting machine!

The babies went to their first Easter egg hunt at church yesterday and got to see the Easter bunny as well. As you'll see in the pictures some of them enjoyed it more than others. We then came home and celebrated Uncle Steve's 20th birthday by having pizza and building cribs which finally came in. Of course one of them has a defective part which is on order but we did get the other two built. Poor Helena still has to sleep in the pack and play though! The big news is that Katie finally sat on her own!!!! She pulled herself up to standing yesterday when Aunt Becca and the boys were over playing. Then today, she sat all on her own in her crib. I looked over and there she was sitting away. I actually saw her do it 2 more times and she didn't even use the crib bars at all. Thank God! It must have been all of the practicing we've been making her do. She hates it so I guess she decided sitting on her own was a much better idea.