Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday and First Softball Game!

Happy 6th Birthday Helena!
Happy 6th Birthday Seamus!

Happy 6th Birthday Katie!

Helena all dressed for her first softball game

Playing short stop

Ready to Bat

Up to bat, she hit a single!
Running towards home to score!!

Today was a very busy day for everyone.  It started out this morning with a special birthday breakfast at Tim Horton's with Mommy.  Then we dropped off cupcakes for the kids kindergarten class and Timbits for their friends at SAC.  This afternoon after being picked up from school, they were able to open their presents from Pat and I.  Helena's first softball game was this evening so we got packed up to watch her play.  She did awesome!  Scored 2 runs, caught some balls, and only had to hit off the tee once.  Way to go Helena and Happy Birthday Kiddos!! 

Katie's 6th Birthday Letter

Dear Katie,
6 years ago today one of the best people in the world was born.  How is it that time has gone by so quickly?  You are getting more grown up every day!  You are quickly catching up to Mommy and I don't like it!  I'm going to have to start leaning on your head to make you stop growing.  This year you have really come out of your shell at school.  Kindergarten has been a good year for you.  You have made a ton of new friends and seem to get along with everyone.  You are constantly talking about all of the people you are friends with at school and sometimes Daddy and I have a hard time keeping up.  You laugh and get annoyed with us, but explain who you're talking about again anyway.  Guess we'll have to make sure we keep an eye on you as you get older!  You have lost 3 teeth at this point and have 2 more that are loose.  The Tooth Fairy had better be saving her money.  Your reading is getting much better as the year goes on.  We've had to work with you some but just like when you were learning to walk and crawl, you would complain a ton and then get it done.  Your writing and spelling are doing well too.  If we could just convince you to take a minute and think before you write or spell you'd have it made!  Mrs Beadle says you just have too many ideas in your head and sometimes they get mixed up when they come out.  Swimming and soccer are going great.  You are in level 3 for swimming and play soccer with Helena on the Green Caterpillars.  You seem to like soccer a lot more this year and have even scored some goals.  Zamek Dance is going well, you started ballet this year and really seemed to like being able to dance with the older girls.  Katie you are still the responsible one and the one we can trust to tell us when something has happened.  That is unless you did something wrong, then we have to fight it out of you.  You are LOUD, funny, bossy, and love to hug and snuggle your stuffed animals.  You are 3 ft 11.25 inches tall and weigh 69.5 pounds.  I can't wait to see what the next year brings you!

Have an AWESOME birthday!


Mommy and Daddy

Seamus's 6th Birthday Letter

Dear Seamus,
Happy Birthday 6 year old!  How did my sweet, sensitive, boy turn in to such a big kid?  In just a couple weeks you will be graduating from Kindergarten.  Mrs Beadle your teacher and Mrs Kimball from SAC have both mentioned how creative you have been this year.  At SAC you have made a bunch of crafts that turned out great.  The candle you made is still on our counter.  I don't want to ruin it by lighting it.  In class, you have written some awesome stories with a ton of details.  Daddy and I are both really impressed with how much you have learned this year.  So far school seems to be really easy for you.  You've had no problem learning to read, spell, write, and do math problems.  You even taught Mommy how to do number bonds this year.   Keeping all of that busyness contained has been something you've had to work on though.  You are very good at annoying your sisters and parents and we've had to remind you that sometimes being serious is more important than being funny.  You are really funny though, and thoughtful, kind, helpful, and caring.  You always try and say nice things to people when you think they need to hear it.  You continued in Zamek Dance this year and seemed to really like the fact that there were two other boys in your class.  You are now in level 3 of swimming, and still play soccer.  Your soccer team is called the Green Dragons and Uncle John and Daddy are your coaches.  Soccer is not your thing so this will probably be your last season.  In a couple of weeks you will be starting a gymnastics class for all boys.  You want to play football in the fall, so Daddy and I decided you need something just for you to do to make sure that you are ready.  Seamus, you are 3ft 8inches tall and weigh 42.5 pounds.  I'm not sure how you are the lightest... maybe it's the fact that you never stop moving even though you have days where you don't stop eating!

Hope you've had the best birthday yet!


Mommy and Daddy

Helena's 6th Birthday Letter

 Dear Helena,
Today is your 6th birthday.  I can't believe that your first year of elementary school is almost over!  You have been doing very well in Kindergarten this year.  Your writing has improved, you can spell tons of sight words, and you are reading great!  6 years ago I don't think Daddy and I could have imagined what our lives would be like with you, your brother and sister.  Now we can't imagine our lives without you.  You keep us running, but that's a good thing.  You are still taking dance lessons with Zamek Dancers and started ballet this year.  You continued with swimming and graduated all the way to level 3.  Soccer is still going well. You and Katie play together on a team called the Green Caterpillars.  Coach Joe makes it a lot of fun for you guys and you have scored a bunch of goals this season.  This Spring you started playing softball for the Sparkles- Kiwanis of Romeo Team.  Today is actually your first real game!  Softball is the first thing that any of you have done by yourselves.  I think you are really excited about playing but a little nervous too.  Good thing your friend Sarah from school is there so you know someone on the team.  Speaking of school, you have made a bunch of friends this year.  Your best friend's name is Kaylee.  The two of you are constantly playing together and talking about being best friends on the playground.  Next year when you are in your own class, I think you will have no problem meeting new people.  You are still our only child!  You like to try and push the limits to see what you can get away with and then feel really guilty when you get in trouble.  You still like pretty, sparkly things.  You love to wear headbands and dresses.  You are  3ft 8.5 inches tall and weigh 45 pounds.

Have a wonderful 6th birthday!

Mommy and Daddy

How to Train Your Dragon, 6th Birthday Party

This year's birthday party theme was from the movie How to Train Your Dragon.  We held the kids 6th birthday party on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend.  The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Toothless was on the cake and was the pinata this year!

Aunt Carol W, Maria, Aunt Christi, and Aunt Kim enjoying the food.

Grandpa Huddas, Uncle Greg, and Uncle George enjoying the beverages.

Conner and Seamus hanging out

Helena having fun in the sun

Katie eating and playing with the kids in the driveway

Most of the Murphy clan who attended

Aunt Kathy Soup taking Pat's picture while he takes hers

Some of the Huddas/Hycki crew

Helena pinata

Seamus's turn

Katie's turn

Pat wearing Toothless's head and taking a turn

The loot!

Happy Birthday!!

Easter Season 2014

Palm Sunday was the day after our Boston/Niagara Trip.  We were tired but didn't want to miss the Easter Egg Hunt at church.  

Everyone was successful in their Egg Hunt!

Easter Morning we got up early to find our baskets.  Meg decided that basking in the sun was more her speed.


All dressed up for Easter!

The week after Easter was Christi and Wayne's wedding shower.  All of us are standing up in the wedding so we all got to go.  

Most of the wedding party

The kids of the wedding party!

Niagara Falls 2014

 One the way home from our Spring Break Trip to Boston we stopped at Niagara Falls, NY.  It was the first time the kids had ever been to the Falls, and the first time Pat and I had ever seen it frozen.

This was our view with the Horseshoe Falls in the background.

It was pretty cold that day but sunny and clear so we could see the entire Falls.

Boston Trip 2014

The first stop of our Spring Break Trip to Boston was a visit to the Friendly Factory.  We got to go on a private tour set up by Aunt Kathy Murphy.

We had to get dressed for the tour and even got to taste test.

We stayed at the Boston Harbor Hotel which was directly on the harbor itself.  We had a good time walking around seeing the sights.

Boston Harbor

The Tea Party replica ship was just down from our hotel.

We enjoyed some wonderful seafood on this trip.  The Barking Crab was our favorite.

We decided to go on a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery and took the train to get there.  The kids and Aunt Kathy had their first subway experience.  They loved it, Kathy not so much!

Hanging out with Sam

After the brewery tour, we went to see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park versus the Rangers.  We even got to see the Green Monster.  
Of course the Red Sox won due to a home run in the 8th by Big Poppi aka Big Pappi!

The dolphins were the kids favorite stop of the whole trip.  We spent hours letting them play there and they even had names for them.

Boston has a wonderful aquarium we were able to visit.  There are hands on displays as well as some great tank exhibits.  Seamus and Katie touched Sting Ray and Horseshoe crabs.


Visiting the Penguins

Helena touching Starfish

One of the stars of the main aquarium!

The Duck Boat tour was also a highlight of the trip.  Kathy, Seamus, and Katie all got to drive the boat while we were on the Charles River.

That's a BIG boat!

For our final night, we went to the oldest restaurant in Boston, the Union Oyster House.  
Again, the food was great!