Monday, May 23, 2011

Seamus's 3rd Birthday Letter

Dear Seamus,

May 29, your birthday as you love to tell us is in less than a week. You will be 3 years old and be right when you say, “I’m a big boy now.” You’re not the little baby who liked to lay like a frog on Mommy and Daddy, and you’re no longer the toddler who was constantly on the move. You still love to get into EVERYTHING, especially things we’ve told you not to touch. Your listener still gets broken sometimes when you’re tired or hungry. You almost can’t stop yourself when it comes to anything that opens- doors, windows, closets, cabinets, it doesn’t matter. You are the main reason we still have child locks on everything! That’s okay though, we hope you always keep that inquisitive nature. It’s good to ask questions in life! Seamus you love to push people’s buttons as well. One of your favorite pastimes is annoying your sisters or trying to make Daddy feel like his head might explode. Even though you like to tease us, you also like to put the family’s names into songs and sing about how you love your sisters, Mommy and Daddy. You are very athletic and were the first one to be able to do all of the exercises at gymnastics. Even your coach was impressed. You are also very brave. You went to the head doctor for more appointments and tests than Mommy and Daddy would like and you were good for every one of them! We still need to work on some of your pronunciation of words, but if you slow down we can understand most of what you say. Many things have changed for you this year, you have your own room and a big boy toddler bed, you are potty trained, can drink from a big boy cup, can pick out your own clothes and dress yourself, can put on your own shoes, went to the ocean for the first time- even though you cried because you weren’t sure you liked walking on the sand at first. You are so skinny! Daddy thinks you need to eat more, but Mommy thinks it’s because you never stop moving. You love food, except for breakfast and your favorites are French fries, yogurt, and chicken nuggets. You are very handsome and love to wear your “work shirts” and ties. You also love anything with Buzz and Woody or Sponge Bob. Your favorite color is green so anything green makes you happy too. You are the one who likes to have stories read to you the most still, and are the first to ask Mommy or Daddy to play with you or build a “Buzz and Woody” House. We love when you ask us to play, it makes us feel important! Playing with your red ride-in car or on your big wheel outside and swinging on your swing are some of your favorite activities. We just have to make sure you’re not running over your sisters! Seamus, we are proud of the little boy you are becoming and love you very much.


Mommy and Daddy

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