Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Katie's 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Katie,
Time is flying by too fast!  In just a few short days you are going to be graduating from 5 days a week preschool and getting ready for all day kindergarten in the fall.  A lot has changed since the first time Daddy and I met you on your birthday 5 years ago.  One thing has not though, and that is how much we love you.  Katie you are our little helper.  You are always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs it and sometimes to those who don’t.  You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, actually you kind of like it.   You have two loose teeth already and are a little nervous about them falling out and the Tooth Fairy finding them.  I’m pretty sure your whistling days are numbered since the one tooth is barely hanging on!  Katie, you are very outgoing and made lots of friends in school this year.  Your very best friend is Riley.  The two of you have become attached at the hip in the last few months.  Not a day goes by where you don’t talk about her.  I really hope the two of you get a chance to remain friends.  We have a big trip planned in July.  We will be going to see Mickey Mouse for the very first time!  Daddy is especially excited to go there with you since he’s never been to Mickey’s house either.  I know we are all looking forward to spending some quality time together this summer without all of the hectic craziness of the school year. 
We love you very much our BUG!
Mommy and Daddy 

Seamus' 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Seamus,
Another year has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Daddy and I have had the honor of watching you grow over the last 5 years into the sweet young man you are today.  At Croswell Preschool, Mrs. Daniel always says how polite you are.  We love hearing that about you!  I’m happy you have learned how to behave at school and in public, even if you do drive your sisters and Daddy crazy sometimes.  Seamus, you are a little nervous about kindergarten next year, but we’ve promised you that your sisters will be in class with you.   Daddy and I thought long and hard about whether we should separate you in school and decided it would be best for everyone if you could adjust to a new school together.  I just hope the three of you don’t drive your new teacher to an early retirement!  We have a big trip planned to Disney World this summer.  I know you’re excited about seeing Mickey Mouse, but I think you’re just as excited about going to see Aunt Kathy Murphy on the way home.  You love spending time with her and miss her the most when we have to part. 
Stay sweet our sensitive boy!
Mommy and Daddy 

Helena's 5th Birthday Letter

Dear Helena,
Five years old already.  It’s hard to believe you are that big!  Sometimes I feel like the sleepless nights when you were a baby were just yesterday.  Now we’re talking about getting ready for full day kindergarten and riding the school bus.  Helena, you definitely have your own ideas about how the world works.  You are very creative and smart, and always trying to do things your own way.  It’s been a learning experience for Daddy and I since the way you see things is not always the way we do.  We love that about you!  The clothes you wear always make us laugh but we’re happy you’re brave enough to blaze your own trail.  At school you’re not afraid to do your own thing either.  We just hope that’s a quality you keep when you’re a teenager!  Just remember, listen to your teachers first and then make your own decisions.  Summer is going to be fun, with trips to Disney and Sea World planned.  I know you’re excited about being able to see Tinker Bell and the animals. 
We love you very much our little BEAN!
Mommy and Daddy 

Take Your Kids to Work Day

April 25th was Take Your Kids to Work Day. Mary was able to pick up the kids from school and take them to the end of her work day. The school Drama class performed the play Peter Pan for the children who came into their parents work. Katie Seamus and Helena went with Mary to see the show. They were lucky enough to get pictures with the cast after the show.
The kids with Crocodile

Kids with Nana

Kids with Peter Pan

First Dance Recital

The day after Bowling, the kids had their first dance recital with Zamek Dancers. It was long day and a lot more work than I was expecting (especially for Mary who was the costume changer). It was a very cute show, the kids had a blast and I was very proud of how well all three of them did. In three days the kids were involved in an Art Show, Bowling outing, and a Dance Recital. It seems as though we have some Renaissance children.
Jazz Dance Costumes

Hand Jive Dance

Tap Dance Costumes
New York New York Dance

Polish Dance Costumes

Polish Dance

Flower Time


Saturday 4/13 the kids participated in the GCU Bowling outing. They bowled two games and did pretty well this year. The biggest excitement was Helena winning her age group and getting the big trophy! She did Not get her bowling skills from me...
Katie Bowling

Helena Bowling

Seamus Bowling

Helena getting her Big Trophy

Seamus getting his trophy

Katie and her trophy

The trio with their trophies

The trio with Clay and Drew (Drew won a Big Trophy too!)

Art Show

The week after our trip to SC the kids had an Art Show at Preschool. Each one of the trio had a few art projects on display.

Seamus' Snake Sculpture

Katie's Snake Sculpture

Helena's Snake Sculpture

Katie's Vase

Helena's Vase 
Seamus' Vase

 Heart Paintings

Seamus' Heart Painting

Katie's Heart Painting
Helena's Heart Painting

Grandma Huddas perusing the artwork

Helena's Painting

Katie's Painting

Seamus' Painting