Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family BBQ '11

On Friday Mary and I hosted our second annual end of summer barbecue. It worked out well again this year that Aunt Kathy Murphy was able to make it in again from NC, but we missed a few people who had already made plans for the day. We were able to celebrate Aunt Kathy and Bryan's birthdays during the party. The trio loved this because "Happy Birthday" is one of their favorite songs to sing. They also love to have all the visitors to come over and play with them. Yesterday Seamus got his first ever bee sting. We were worried at fist because we didn't know if he was allergic, but he wasn't. He did have to tell our neighbor on the way to the park this morning. Mary and I are both back to work as of the end of the month, and the kids are joining us for back to school this year. Today we signed the kids up for Preschool for this fall and winter on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are excited about it and are already asking us to go to the store for their back packs and lunchboxes. Mary and I are not so sure if we are ready for them to be going to school already...
The pictures are from the barbecue.

Helena eating all the cole slaw

Helena, Katie and Seamus with Shannon, Uncle Pat and Aunt Deb

Bryan with Grandma and Grandpa Murphy

Aunt Deb, Uncle Ed, Conner and Helena by the slide

Mary and Pat

Aunt Robin and Conner

Jack and Seamus playing on the wee slide

Katie and Aunt Kathy Murphy singing Happy Birthday

Bryan getting his happy birthday serenade

Seamus with grandma and grandpa Huddas

Seamus' wicked mosquito bites, Mary calls it his Quasimodo picture

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last Family Vacation of Summer

Little Murphys... Keiran, Katie, Seamus, Helena, Nora, and Tadhg

A week or so ago we went up north for the last time this summer. We went camping in West Branch with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas. During that time Pat and I were able to get away for some golf up at Treetops Resort in Gaylord. Golfing at the courses up north is such an awesome experience. The spectacular views and challenging holes makes for a great, although sometimes frustrating time! We haven't been able to get up there and golf since before the kids were born, so it's been a while and we had a ton of fun. While we were camping, we were also able to spend some time at Pat's family cottage in Saint Helens. Uncle Ed, Uncle Tim and his family, Uncle Joe and his family, as well as friends of Ed's were all up there as well. We all got to go out on a pontoon boat ride as well as spend tons of time swimming at the beach. I know Pat really enjoyed being able to share the cottage with the kids since he spend so much time there on vacation as a kid himself. One of the highlights for the kids was being able to spend time with their cousins and jump off the giant sand hill. By the time we got home we were all exhausted but happy we were able to make one more vacation trip before school starts again at the end of the month. Pat's sister Kathy comes in next week for a visit so we should have a busy last couple of weeks off. I'm not sure where this summer went, but it has FLOWN by...

Helena, Nora, and Keiran playing in the sand

Katie and Nora walking to the beach

This final picture is from a couple weeks ago when we visited a nearby wildlife refuge with Aunt Becca. The animals were so close it was almost scary!