Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is this month over yet?

So I don't think February can end soon enough. We have had enough of the cold, enough of being stuck in the house, and enough of being sick! All 3 babies have had the stomach flu over the last week or so on top of an upper respiratory cold and of course I had it as well. That's how we spent the remainder of our winter break. My dad actually had to come over and bail me out because I was so sick on Thursday and Pat had to work. The babies had a helmet fitting that same afternoon and Katie and I barely made it through. She needed a new diaper every 15 minutes and I had over 101 fever. Katie had it the worst of all of us though and ended up going to the pediatricians once with the other 2 and then again a day or so later by herself. They had to go a third time on Tuesday to get their next RSV shot. I swear they may start charging us rent we've been there so often. I think they may have one or two more doses to go for RSV season and then that will cut down on the number of times a month we have to go. On a good note, Pat's back is feeling better so I'm hoping that this weekend we can work on getting a play area set up in the basement. Now that Seamus is crawling and the girls are not far behind we need more room for them to play. A new house would be nice but a play area will do for now. Speaking of new houses... anyone want to buy ours?? We plan on putting our house up for sale at some point this spring or early summer. We need more space and even though this is the worse time to sell it's a good time to buy so we though we'd put ours up on the market and see what happens. There are tons of things we wanted to do before we got to this point but with 3 babies it's just not going to happen. Maybe a few small improvements in the main bathroom if we can convince my dad to come help us at Easter break but that will be it. Emjoy the few pictures we've actually taken...

Exersaucer City

Seamus standing in his crib

Katie playing under the exersaucer

Helena tryng to break into the baby-proofed entertainment center

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Survival, I think...

I finally have a few minutes to update so I'm going to try and squeeze it all in. These past few days have been a little nuts! This past Friday Pat got hurt playing soccer so we've had a little bit of an adjustment to deal with. His back has been very sore and he even had to go to the doctor to get an injection and some pain killers. He hasn't been able to pick the babies up or do most of the stuff that he usually does around here so we're trying to manage. He had to go back to work today too from winter break so it's even a little more nuts. On top of this Seamus is still teething. He has 3 now and is working hard on a forth so he's been extra cranky. They are all also fighting some sort of bug so we've had Seamus puking, Helena puking including twice this morning, and all three of them fussy since they have stuffy noses. Katie broke out into some sort of rash yesterday. I think she had an allergic reaction to a new blanket we used for floor time. I guess when we washed it a while ago we must have used a detergent that she's allergic to. This isn't the first time we've dealt with this so Pat was on the phone last night with the pediatrician's office trying to find out how much benadryll she could take now that she's up to almost 20 pounds. We also had an appointment last week with the craniofacial specialist. Seamus needs to have his repeat xray in April before our next appointment with her. Both he and Katie still have a while to go. She did some measurements and they are still showing improvement. Helena however gets to start being weaned off her helmet next month! They want us to do it gradually so she learns that she can't ram her head into things like she can with her helmet on. They all go for a refit at the end of the week so they have more room for their heads to grow. I have a feeling Katie is getting close to needing a new helmet soon. She's had the most changes to her noggin and is running out of room for expansion. The pictures are from our Valentines Day. (Seamus, Helena, Katie) Phew... I think that's it... Now time to try and eat some breakfast and get dressed before nap time ends!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We have a Crawler!

Seamus Crawling

Helena "kissing" Katie

Floor time with Mommy

It's been over a week since my last post and I feel like there's a ton that I need to update but I can't even begin to remember it all. I do know that the biggest news is that our little boy is crawling! Seamus has been scooting around and army crawling for almost a month now but last week he started doing the real thing. Now he can sit by himself, crawl, and... wait for it... pull himself up to standing!! He started doing it a few days ago by pulling himself up on us during play time but on Thursday morning my dad said that he pulled himself up in his crib. Needless to say, on Thursday night Pat spent about 2 hours lowering the cribs to the bottom notches. He now pulls himself up on anything and everything including his sisters. On top of all of this Seamus got his second bottom tooth and is any day now going to have his 2 top ones poking through. Katie and Helena are still sitting machines and both like to pretend that they are swimming on their tummys on the floor but so far no crawling. Helena has perfected the inch-worm mode of transportation but Katie still relies on rolling to get around. Neither one of them have been able to get themselves into a sitting position yet but that seems like it's just days away. They are however, much more verbal than their brother. I like to believe that Katie now says Mama but Pat says that she says it to everyone. Funny that when Helena says Dada he thinks it's her just talking to him though! We also had cottage cheese for the first time which made a complete mess. I'm not sure they liked eating it but they sure liked playing with it! Katie and Helena have also both held their bottles for the first time! Neither one actual drink the bottle while they hold it, but it's a start!

Katie eating cottage cheese



Seamus pulling himself up on the toys

Katie holding her bottle