Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day and Beyond

Last Sunday was Mother's Day, and we started off the weekend by going to breakfast on Saturday morning. We went to the Pantry and we all got some delicious food before taking the trio to Home Depot to make tulip holders. All three of the kids got to make one, Helena gave hers to Grandma Murphy after picking out a purple flower to put in it. Katie picked out an orange flower and gave her project to Grandma Huddas. Seamus got Mary a red flower and gave his holder to his Mommy. When we got home Grandpa and Grandma Huddas came over with their trailer, and Grandpa, Seamus and I went to pick up 4 yards of wood chips and two bags of sand (for the sand box). After about an hour or two of work Grandpa, Helena and I went to get 4 yards of wood chips and two more bags of sand. Our estimate of materials may have been a little off. We proceeded to work outside on landscaping the entire day, but we got it all done, which was nice. The next morning we woke up and gave the kids a small breakfast before giving Mommy her card we made for her and going to church's Mothers day breakfast and service. After church we went to visit Grandma Murphy and Grandpa Murphy at their house. The kids had a good time visiting and playing with Uncle Ed. After we got home,the kids relaxed to a movie. We ate some dinner and Mary and I worked on filling out the forms for the kids playing soccer in the fall. At this point the kids were running around and playing, and poor Lena was running through the kitchen and talking to Katie. She wasn't really watching where she was going and ran full speed into the cabinet. She had a huge bump on her head that oddly was the shape of an ice cream cone. After a lot of tears, some ice, and singing songs she stopped crying. We checked her eyes with a flashlight and asked her how she was feeling a few times and decided we didn't need to take her to the "head doctor" like Lena and Seamus thought we would need to. After a weekend of having Katie and Seamus make it through extended excursions without potty related accidents, Mary decided to step up the training for Helena. Mary made Lena a chart where every time Lena uses the potty, she gets a sticker. After 5 successful potty trips Lena gets a prize. Lena's first prize was to get some toes painted purple. Katie got her nails painted pink as a prize for waking up dry. Lena's second prize was Mickey Mouse sand toys. It seems to be working because she is filling that chart up with stickers. After a long week of work where Mary had some meetings for late nights, we finally made it to the weekend. Saturday Mary went to Uncle Steve's graduation from U of D Mercy. After a morning cooped up in the house on a rainy day the kids and I met everyone at Dave and Buster's for dinner. After we ate we were successful enough in winning tickets to get a Princesses and Tinker Bell pencil case for the girls and a Buzz and Woody 'Toy Holder' (lunch box) for Seamus. Today we went to Great Lakes crossing to get some shoes for the kids. Katie went up 1/2 a size to 9 1/2, Lena went up 1/2 a size to 8 and Seamus went up a whole size to 9. We stumbled onto a good deal at the Sketchers store and found a good deal at Kmart and ended up getting six pairs of shoes today. On the way out of the mall Helena wasn't watching where she was going and walked right into a sign at Burlington Coat Factory. I think we discovered who the accident prone one is...

Seamus showing Mary where to read the card to him, Katie and Helena

Helena showing off the lovely picture of me on Mary's card

Helena's Potty Chart

Helena a few days after her mishap

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