Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Year Checkup Stats

The trio had their 5 year old well visit a few weeks ago.  Here are the latest stats...

Katie 60.25 lbs  3 ft 8.5 in
Seamus  36.75 lbs  3 ft 5.5 in
Helena 40 lbs  3 ft 5.75 in

All are growing well and sticking to their growth curves.  Hard to believe 5 years ago they were all under 6 pounds!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Vacation begins...

This past week we tried to do just about everything fun that we could think of.  It's been a long stressful school year and I think all of us were catching up for lost time.  We were all sick of the daily grind and cold weather so when we finally got to spend some time at home doing nothing, we packed it full of fun!  Here are a couple of the things we got to do this past week...
We bought a fire pit and had a campfire!

Helena strawberry picking

Seamus strawberry eating!

Katie and I showing off our collection
Pat with the bounty!

Zoo Trip 2013

Last week we took a trip to the Detroit Zoo with Aunt Kathy D, Erik, and Roarke.  It was fun being able to hang out with them.  We definitely don't get together as much as we would like.  Maybe this summer we can work on that!  Our trio had a great time showing off for the boys.  We even got to run around a little bit before everyone started to get tired, crabby, and in need of some lunch.

At the fountain!

Amphibian House

Twins hanging out!

Triplets hanging out!

4 year old Preschool Graduation

We are way behind in getting these pictures posted!  The week before the kids birthday was preschool graduation.  It was really cold that day but we met at the Romeo Community Center for a little ceremony and party with their class, Mrs Daniel, and Mrs Kimball.  Aunt Becca, Uncle Steve, Grandma, Grandpa Huddas, and I were all lucky enough to be able to make it there.  Next year we are on to kindergarten at Hamilton Parsons!!!

Katie getting her certificate.

Helena getting her certificate.

Seamus getting his certificate.

Katie and her best friend Riley

Katie's tooth!

Katie's first lost tooth!

The tooth fairy came and brought Katie a golden dollar
We have the first lost tooth in our house!  Katie lost her first tooth a couple of days before her 5th birthday, we're just slow in getting it posted...  She lost her second tooth already as well while we were gone camping for Clay's birthday.  No lost or even loose teeth yet for Seamus or Helena.  Katie is very proud and excited that she was the first one to loose a tooth!

Clay's Birthday and Father's Day weekend

This year for Clay's birthday we all went camping.  It was fun being able to hang out for the entire weekend with the kids, my parents, siblings, and our extended "family".  We got to go swimming, fishing, sat around the campfire, rode a trolley,  celebrated Clay's birthday, and did a ton of other fun stuff.  It was so fun, that it  took us a couple of days to recover from all of it!

Seamus caught the first fish!

Katie and Aunt Melanie trying to catch something

Helena trying for her grass pike

Aunt Christi's MONSTER fish
The dads and kids on Father's Day

Last Day of Soccer

This year's soccer season flew by.  It was fun being able to coach the kids and their cousin Drew, but Pat and I have decided to hang it up in the coaching department for a while and see how the kids do next year with someone else coaching.  Seamus and Drew will be able to continue to play together on a boys team and Katie and Helena will as well on a girls team.  No more co-ed for us!

Pregame warm up





The team with their trophies

Pat and I with the "Green Team"

5th Birthday

The kids 5th birthday was a work day for Pat and I so the celebration didn't begin until the afternoon.  We started by opening presents.  The kids got roller blades and pads for their birthday this year as well as a t ball set and some balls.  We then went to dinner at Shogun's Japanese Steakhouse with Grandma and Grandpa Huddas.  The trio had never had hibachi before so they were pretty excited about the show that came along with their meal.
Opening Birthday presents

Ready for some dinner

Waiting on the chef

The whole fam!

Thanks for the cake pops Aunt Kathy Murphy!

5th Birthday Party

This year we had the kids 5th birthday party on Sunday May 26th.  The theme of the party was super heroes which the kids are totally into right now.  We again had the ice cream sundae station which is always a big hit as well as a pinata.   Thanks again to everyone who was able to come and help make their 5th birthday party a memorable one!

Birthday Shirts and Superhero poses

Poor Batman... he never knew what hit him!

Seamus winding up to give Batman a smack

Katie collecting her loot!

Helena ready to swing
5th Birthday cake

Opening gifts

Eating ice cream with Grandpa and Aunt Kim

Grandma, Aunt Carol, and Aunt Kathy enjoying the food

Polish Night at Comerica Park

Billboard at Comerica Park
Katie dancing with Ms Pam
Waiting in the tunnel
Seamus and Helena
The whole crew!
May 24th was Polish Night at Comerica Park.  The kids had a great time dancing on the field with the Zamek Dancers.  I can remember doing this as a kid myself at the old Tiger's Stadium with the Opole Dancers. Uncle Steve, Aunt Melanie, and Uncle Ed joined us for a great game and a Tigers win.  We almost got to see a no hitter pitched as well!  We even stayed after the game to watch the fireworks.  This is definitely something we'll look forward to doing again next year.

I'm the one on the far right, almost 30 years ago!