Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ski Trip 2012

The kids started a new class three weeks ago. They now take a swimming class at the high school every Wednesday afternoon. They are almost the entire class, as there is only one other kid in the class. They all enjoy playing the game where they collect rubber duckies almost as much as the free suckers at the end of class. This past weekend we took our annual trip to Boyne Mountain. It was quite the change from our normal trips of the past. For starters, my mom and dad were unable to make the trip due to the fact that my mom's been sick and was in the hospital. She seems to be slowly getting better now due to some breathing treatments and antibiotics for pneumonia. Katie's been sick as well and had a doctors appointment on Friday morning before we were able to leave and head up north. She's off her nebulizer but has a new medicine we are trying out for her allergies. Let me tell you how fun it is trying to convince a 3 year old that she needs to use a nasal spray every day. Thanks to Aunt Kim though who's on the same meds for her allergies, Katie thinks she's a big girl when she takes it and is actually pretty cooperative once we remind her of that on a daily basis. The trip itself was a blast! We got up to Boyne on Friday afternoon and Pat was able to borrow my dad's skis since he couldn't make the trip. Stephen and Pat skied for an hour or so while the kids hung out at the awesome condo with Uncle Mike, Aunt Kim and me. This year we stayed at a condo right off the slopes which was great! We were a 20 foot walk to the chair lift and the kids could go sledding right outside the door. Becca and her family as well as Steve's friend Nathan made it up later in the evening. Saturday morning Clay and Drew went to ski school while Pat and I took our trio to the water park Avalanche Bay. It was a ton of fun. Everyone tried the water slide at least once and Katie and Seamus went down countless times by themselves. That evening Katie got sick... not enough sleep, too much excitement, and new medicine did her in. The poor kid puked for about 24 hours straight. She was so sad that she couldn't swim a second time that evening. All the kids did get to enjoy a viewing of the movie Tangled though while Pat, John, Steve, and Nathan all went skiing. Sunday after very little sleep we packed up and started a very snowy trip home. Getting out of Gaylord took a while since it was practically white out conditions until we hit the freeway. Two days later we're still recovering from lack of sleep but are really happy we went. Hopefully next year everyone will be healthy and we can do it all again! Our trio are already planning on going to ski school next year. Seamus thinks he already knows how to ski, he just need "sticks" aka poles. Can't wait!

Seamus Sledding at Boyne

Katie Sledding at Boyne

Helena Sledding at Boyne

Aunt Kim pushing Katie down the hill at Boyne

Katie, Seamus, Clay, Helena and Drew watching a movie at the end of a long day

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas and New Years 2011

The past couple of weeks have flown by in the Murphy household. We had a great Christmas and New Year's and hope all of you did as well. Our Christmas break started on Dec 22,which was the last day of work for Pat and I,and also the day that Aunt Kathy Murphy came into town. We got to spend some time with her before all of the craziness of the holidays fully hit. The evening of the 22nd we went to visit the Dressigs. Chris was in town from Texas and we wanted to see him and give them their gifts. The kids had gotten presents for their soon- to- be-born twins and were excited to give them to them. We went out to dinner with Pat's family and had a pre-holiday celebration the 23rd. On Christmas Eve,we went to church and then to my Aunt Marianne and Uncle Nick's house for our traditional meal. The kids loved seeing their cousins and getting lots of presents from the extended family.

Kids grabbing their presents for each other on Christmas Eve

Katie opening her present on Christmas Eve

Seamus opening his present on Christmas Eve

Helena opening her Present on Christmas Eve

Katie in Reindeer horns on Christmas Eve at Aunt Marianne's house

All the kids destroying the Ginger Bread House at Aunt Marianne's house

Christmas Day was great! For once we didn't have to rush out the door and
actually got to spend some time at home as a family opening gifts and having a nice breakfast. The kids were so excited about what Santa brought them. Around noon we packed up and went to dinner at my parents. From there, we made a trip to my Aunt Carole's and then on to Pat's parents house for dinner. Overall, it was a great day. A few days after Christmas my parents came over with a train table they got the kids. The trains and table are by far the biggest hit of the gift giving season! I think they have been played with constantly since...


Checking out the stockings

Seamus with one of the trains Santa got for him

Helena with the purple dress Santa brought for her

Katie with the baby furniture Santa got for her

Seamus with his new sled (and Bulls Eye)

Katie and Helena with their new sleds

Seamus, Helena and Katie playing with their new trains

All the kids running around Grandma Murphy's house like crazy

Making Christmas tree ornaments out of sand dollars from Hilton Head SC

New Year's was relatively quiet. We had my parents and brother over for a lamb roast on New Year's Eve and then in the evening did a mini sleep-over. We popped some popcorn and got the kids sleeping bags out to watch movies. They were in their own beds and asleep my 10pm. The rest of the week flew by for us including an attempt at sledding. We haven't had much snow here so it didn't go very smoothly, but the kids were happy to be able to try out their new sleds from Santa. Well, we're back to work again and counting the days until our next vacation. After we got back to work we found a new home for our pet snake Percy. Hope you had a great holiday!

Katie trying out her new sled

Seamus trying out his new sled

Helena trying out her new sled

Percy's last day at our house