Wednesday, May 27, 2015

September 2014

September brought the first day of first grade!  This year was a bit different because everyone is in their own classes.  Katie's teacher is Mrs Bruski, Seamus has Mrs Solinski, and Helena has Mrs Maloney.  First grade brings a lot more homework and responsibility so it took the kids a while to adjust.  Let's be real... it took Pat and I a while too.  This month brought the start of soccer again for the girls and Seamus decided to try flag football.  I'm coaching the girls again this year for the Purple Shooters U-8 team so we don't have any pictures since I was on the field with them.  Uncle Steve and Aunt Melanie got married on September 13th and we had a fun time celebrating at the wedding!  We also celebrated my birthday and the kids danced at the Warren City Center and at the St Anne's Sausage Fest during this month.

Katie's first day of First Grade

Helena's first day of First Grade

Seamus's first day of First Grade.  Meg doesn't want him to go!
In front of school

Crazy kids before the wedding

I do!

The Wedding Party

Flag Football, Go Niners!

2014 Forty-Niners

Making a play!

Happy Birthday to me!

Sausage Fest at St Anne's

Warren City Center performance

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