Thursday, May 28, 2015

February 2015

Ladies Tea!
February... ahhh... a month of fun!  The month started with our annual ski trip to Boyne Mountain with the Huddas clan.  Seamus and Helena did so well that they both spend most of the time going up the chair lifts and down the "big" hills.  Katie again got to go dog sledding with Aunt Kim and Uncle Mike.  Seamus and Pat had their annual "Boy Day", while the girls attended the Ladies Tea at church.  We took a trip to Maui Sands waterpark in Ohio again this year which was a blast.  Katie was tall enough to ride all the water slides and even went on the giant toilet bowl one with me!  We had a couple of days off this month as well due to some seriously cold weather.  It's no fun to have a snow day when you can't even go outside!
Pat and Helena on the slopes
Pat and Seamus on the slopes
Helena and Mary on the slopes

Mary and Seamus on the slopes

Maui Sands Tired faces

Maui Sands!

Boy Day!

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