Thursday, May 28, 2015

7th Birthday Party

The kids 7th birthday party was this past Sunday, the day before Memorial Day.  As is tradition, Pat made their birthday party invitations and this year's theme was Star Wars.  We had a tough time deciding whether to do a big family party or a friends party so I have a feeling this might be the last big birthday party for a while.   We made light sabers for the party and designed a bunch of Star Wars themed food.  It was the best party yet!
Star Wars Birthday Cake

Part of the Light Saber Crew

Happy Birthday guys!!

These are just some of the people who were here to help us celebrate!
Deb and Kev
Mary and Pat

Melanie and Steve

Aunt CarolAnn

Ed and Stephanie

Dave and Laura

Mel,John, and Thea

Cathy and Brenna


Nicholas, Suzanne, and Jim

Grandma Murphy

Grandpa Huddas

Darth Vader

Tim, Robin, and Conner


The table crew



Grandma Huddas

Darth visiting the cake


Kim, Drew, and Becca

Happy 7th Birthday!

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