Thursday, May 28, 2015

March 2015

The month of March brought more chilly weather but that didn't stop us from enjoying the month had to offer.  We started the month off with Pat hanging with the kids while I got to go skiing for a weekend with some friends.  We stayed at a one of the girls cabins and got to ski at Boyne Highlands.
I'm the one in green!

The Sunday before St Patrick's Day we all ran in the Corktown Race downtown with a bunch of the Murphy/McAleer crew.  Well, maybe the better statement would be some of us ran and some of us "ran" aka shopped during the race.

St Paddy's Day is also Pat's birthday.  Debbie always has a big party so that is where we spent the evening.  For his birthday we gave him tickets to the Big 10 Ice Hockey Tournament which was fun.  We got to see most of 2 games and the kids liked being so close to the ice and having the college Pep bands there.
Nutcracker and Pat Celebrating

Big 10 Trophy

Seamus started attending a science class called Mad Science Forensics Lab after school on Tuesdays.  He absolutely loved it!  He was able to do it on his own without the girls which was nice for him.  They performed experiments and ran lots of labs.  To be honest, I'm jealous!  It looked like a lot of fun.  This month also brought about our Zamek Dance Recital.  All 5 of us danced this year!  It took some convincing but even Pat seemed to enjoy it in the end.  He was nervous about performing in front of others but the kids convinced him he would be fine.  He did tell me he couldn't smile and dance at the same time though...
Can't smile, dancing...

Ballet Class

Dancing Murphys

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