Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lets get ready to Rumble!

So it looks like we have a wrestling ring in the basement because we finally built some babies their play area. We got a couple of the baby pens and an extension to create enough room for three babies to crawl around and covered the basement floor with interlocking foam squares. We also set up the kitchen Aunt Mel bought for the babies in their play pen. Seamus loves to stand and play with the kitchen and has tried to pull himself up on the top of he doorway which freaks Mary and I out because he could take a nasty fall. Helena is weaning off her helmet this month and is only wearing it from from bed time until lunch right now. Helena is also becoming a scooting machine so we don't think she if far from crawling around with her brother. Katie still likes sitting the most and will happily sit in one place and play with any toy she can reach, but when we put her on her tummy she rolls all over the place. She even did a few mini-scoots the last couple of days. Katie will probably just start crawling one day, because she just decided to hold her bottle two days ago and holds it like a pro now for every meal. Katie is going to the helmet place tomorrow to get fitted for a new one because her noggin is growing too big for this one. We hoped that Katie and Seamus would be out of their helmets by their first birthday but it may take a few months past it. They all have their nine month appointment on Monday and I can't even make it because I have stupid Parent Teacher Conferences that day. The next post will have how big everyone has gotten so far.


Babies playing on mat

Katie, Seamus and Helena from Left to Right playing in their kitchen

Helena eating biter biscuit

Seamus eating biter biscuit

Katie eating biter biscuit

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