Monday, March 30, 2009

10 Months Old

The babies turned 10 months old yesterday. It's been a week of milestones. Seamus is continuing to crawl, stand, and try to walk with his toy shopping cart. He is talking more and also waving and clapping. Katie is inch-worm crawling all over the place, keeps trying to pull up on things, and has learned to be more vocal to try and get what she wants when she wants it. I think she may end up being the bossy one of the three. Helena has finally learned to sit on her own! (1 more to go!) She is also starting to pull up to her knees but gets frustrated when she can't stand and chase after Seamus. We also gave them cheese for the first time which they absolutely loved! The first 3 pictures are of them eating their cheese. We also took one last picture with all three of them in their helmets. Now that Helena only wears her helmet at night we needed to get a picture to give to our helmet person who's been asking for one for months. The last picture is of them playing in their exersaucer on their 10 month day.




10 Month Day

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