Thursday, March 26, 2009

Total Recall

We found out yesterday that all three of the babies' cribs were recalled. We went to the store and order replacements so we could get rid of the faulty furniture. Mary and I took the day off work so we would be able to take down the cribs and bring our vans into the dealership to get a part that was, guess what, recalled. On Tuesday the babies went to the doctor to get their last RSV shots. This was the first time Helena got two shots and Seamus fought very hard to escape the needle. Before they got poked they all got weighed; Katie weighed 21 lbs 14 oz, Seamus stayed at 19 lbs and Helena got up to 16 lbs 14 oz. With Katie's weight confirmed to be close to 22 lbs we had to switch out our clip-out car seats that have a 22 lb weight limit. So, with our day off we decided to put in the new car seats too, and just to be safe and considering the luck we had with the cars and the cribs, Mary checked to see if the new car seats were a recall item too, and it was! Fortunately for us ours were a later model made after the last recall date, so we will keep our fingers crossed that these seats stay okay. There was also fun news the last couple of days. Seamus finally said "Da Da" on the 21st and clapped for the first time today. Helena started to get up on her hands and knees and sat up with only a little bit of help, she even followed Seamus down the hall way today! Katie grew a new tooth on the bottom for a grand total of 5 teeth, and has gotten much more active. Katie scooted down the hallway to get to me today...I felt very special. Hopefully the cribs will come in soon so some babies don't have to sleep in Pack 'N Plays for much longer.

Katie doing her "Inchworm Scoot"

Seamus standing in his Pack 'N Play, waiting for his new crib

Helena with crazy hair after her bath

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