Thursday, March 12, 2009

9 Month Stats

Monday was the babies 9 month well baby visit. Pat had conferences so my dad went with me and the babies to the appointment. Overtime again, right dad! It went pretty well. They weren't very busy and we were seen pretty much right away. Their stats are:

weight: 21 lbs 2 oz 75-90th percentile
height: 28 in 50-75th percentile

weight: 19 lbs 25th percentile
height: 28 in 25-50th percentile

weight: 16 lbs 10oz 10-25th percentile
height: 27 in 25-50th percentile

This week has gone by pretty quickly. All 3 of the babies appear to be teething again with Helena taking it the worst. Her 2 top front teeth are trying to poke through and she (and us) have been miserable. Thanks God for tylenol. It finally allowed us to get a little sleep last night. Aunt Kathy D came over today and the babies gave her their gift. It was her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Kathy!! They were more interested in the wrapping paper than anything else but it was fun. Katie got to show off for her Godmother, and the other two were just happy to have a new audience. We've also started giving the babies puffs which they LOVE!! We've had to cut them a little smaller though since they haven't quite figured out the whole chewing thing yet. They are doing pretty well with picking them up and getting them to their mouths. They just need more practice with actually letting go once they are there. Speaking of practice, the only thing that our pediatrician was even remotely concerned about at this appointment was the fact that the girls still haven't figured out how to get to the sitting position on their own. She wants us to "practice" with them. Not sure how you do that with a 9 month old but we're trying. If they don't figure it out in the next 6 weeks or so she wants us to get them into some sort of gross motor/developmental program at the ISD. Those two lazy bums better figure it out before then! I tried telling our pediatrician that I personally thought it was more of a motivational problem than anything else but she didn't sound very convinced. We'll see who wins that arguement! Let's go girls don't let mommy down!!

Oh and by the way, Helena is still refusing to hold her bottle most days. Here's proof that she CAN do it, she just won't. I wonder where she gets that stubbornness from??

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