Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pick'in and U2

This past week has been a fun one for us. We are fully unpacked from our trip to Yogi Bear and we are starting to relax and enjoy our time off work. Last weekend we took the kids strawberry and cherry picking. They had a great time! The toughest part was getting anything into the container to buy and take home. Somehow everything that came off the plants and trees ended up in the trio's mouth! One Sunday Aunt Becca come over with the boys to babysit so Pat and I could got to Spartan Stadium and see U2 in concert. It was AWESOME! We spent the night in East Lansing and came home Monday afternoon. Yesterday the kids ended up covered head to toe in sand. They had just made a delivery of a load of sand at our sub's lake and the kids took full advantage of the giant pile of sand. The even got to play with the granddaughter of one of our neighbor's for a while. Today we're off to pick up a junior set of golf clubs for the kids from a friend of mine at work. Now that should be interesting...

Katie with a strawberry

Seamus picking cherries

Helena with a strawberry

Pat and I at Spartan Stadium with U2's stage in the background.

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