Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloweens 2010

We love Halloween!

Anyone see a deer outside?

Katie the Giraffe

Seamus the Dinosaur aka Dragon

Helena the Lion, Roar!

How many times a year is Halloween? Until recently I thought it was just on October 31st. But with so much Trick or Treating, we need more than a little time. As we wrote earlier, we went Trick or Treating at the Outdoor Adventure campsite (I forget the date, all I know it was the MSU v U of M Game). On Friday Mary and I took a day off of work and went to the zoo. That was not really Trick or Treating, but the zoo was decorated for the Zoo Boo so it was pretty close. The next day, after the trio got their flu shots, we went Trick or Treating at the businesses in downtown Romeo. Clay, Drew, Aunt Becca and Uncle John went with us. It was a lot of fun, and it was nice to get out and move around our new home town. Since the kids are currently creeped out by "scary things" like masks and scarecrows, we needed to practice not being scared. On our Saturday Trick or Treat, Seamus was a little scared of two things; Iron Man and Wolf Man. Katie only got scared and cried about one thing. With all the costumes, decorations, and scary music the one and only thing spooked Katie and made her cry and grab onto me was when someone sneezed. I guess she was worried her flu shot hadn't kicked in yet. On Sunday, we all went to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Pat's house to eat dinner and play with Kevin, Jack, Shanon, Bryan, Conner, Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin, Aunt Shari and Uncle Ed. After we ate and played, we went Trick or Treating for the last time. All three of them had a blast each time they went out for Halloween. Even though they loved Trick or Treating I think they loved the chance to see their cousins, aunts and uncles more.

Katie, Helena, Seamus, and I Trick or Treating in Romeo

Seamus, Clay (Batman), Aunt Becca, Drew (behind Aunt Becca) & Uncle John Trick or Treating in Romeo

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