Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

On Tuesday Katie, Seamus and Helena started their winter Gymnastics class through the Parks and Rec. We registered late so it was actually the second meeting, but with winter coming we decided late or not they needed to be able to get out of the house and get some exercise. They all did pretty well and had their own particular skills. Katie was best at a move called the "Bear Walk." Seamus excelled at the "Stairs and Wall" course. Helena's special skill was to sneak up to the CD player and push the buttons so the wrong song kept playing when it was started. Mary and I both had Wednesday off, which was good because we needed to clean up a bit because Aunt Kathy Murphy stayed with us through the holiday weekend. After straightening the house we took the kids out to do some shopping for Christmas. Thanksgiving was not as busy as in the years past, we only had two stops to make. We actually got to relax around the house until 3:00. I got to watch the first half and a bit of the Annual Thanksgiving Lions Debacle in the comfort of my own home. Our first stop was at Aunt Kathy Soup's house for Thanksgiving Part I. We got to see Grandma and Grandpa Huddas, Uncle Steve, Aunt Becca, Clay, Drew, Aunt Kathy Soup and Uncle George. We saw some of Mary's cousins, aunts and uncles we don't often see and it was nice to see them on the Holidays. Afterward we went to Aunt Debbie and Uncle Pat's house for Thanksgiving Part II. We got to see Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, and most of my brothers and sisters with their kids. Even Aunt Kathy Murphy was in from NC until Sunday and was staying the rest of the weekend at our house. On Black Friday we went shopping at Costco mostly to pick up the Christmas cards pictures we took on Thanksgiving and played with Aunt Kathy almost all day. On Saturday all five of us went to Partridge Creek with Aunt Kathy, Aunt Shari, Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin, Conner, Nikki and Brenna. The kids got some new shoes, looked at the pretty decorations and got lunch in a restaurant. After we ate, Mary and Aunt Kathy found Santa in one of the department stores with no line! Helena and Katie sat on Santa's lap and go their picture taken. Seamus wanted nothing to do with Santa, he just stared at him and took a candy cane when it was offered. On Sunday Mary and I needed to get some groceries so Aunt Kathy got some alone time with the Trips before she had to leave for home. We always hate to see Aunt Kathy leave, so she snuck out during nap time to make things easier for everyone. After the kids woke up from their nap, we decided to get the Christmas lights up because we didn't know how many nice days we'd have left since December is right around the corner. Three and a half weeks until Christmas Break...

Katie and Santa

Helena and Santa

Conner and Santa

Katie and Seamus putting lights on the bushes

Seamus and Sponge Bob

Seamus and Helena with Sponge Bob

Katie decorating the house

Katie, Seamus, Helena, and Sponge Bob

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