Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October of full Weekends

There has been some good fall-time fun around these parts so far in October. As we said last post, we had early Trick or Treating with Aunt Becca, Uncle John, Clay and Drew. Some more of our fall-time fun was raking up leaves. This is our first autumn in the new house and there are A LOT of leaves here. While Mary and I raked we had help from the trio. At first they were helping me push around the wheel barrow, and helped Mary rake. Eventually this became them all rolling around in the leaves. On Saturday we went to Grandpa Huddas's 3rd Annual Oktoberfest. The highlights for the kids was of course the hay ride behind the tractor. Seamus and Helena were lucky enough to get to drive the tractor! We have more fun weekends coming up. This week we go on Sunday to See Mary play in a concert. Then the weekend after that is Halloween, when we go over Aunt Debbie and Uncle Pat's House. There we will Trick or Treat with Bryan, Shannon, Jack Kevin, Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin, and Conner. There has not been one weekend this month we didn't go somewhere. Maybe we'll relax a little bit in November.

Seamus and Katie raking leaves

What good helpers!




The kids making the Oktoberfest sign with Aunt Melanie

Hay Ride Time

Seamus driving tractor with Uncle Steve

Helena driving tractor with Uncle Steve

3rd Annual Shoe Kick (We didn't win again, I think its fixed)

Grandpa Huddas explaining the Shoe kick results to the kids at Oktoberfest

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