Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is your Heart in the Right Place?

Last weekend was probably the craziest weekend in recent memory. It was a long week of work for me and was going to be a long week of work for Mary because of our Parent Teacher Conferences. So this was, of course, when the whole family decided to get sick. Seamus was the one who ended up getting it the worst. On Sunday after nap time, he started to cough and it sounded pretty weird, but we decided not to bring him to the Urgent Care because he seemed OK otherwise. It wasn't until he was chasing Katie and Helena around the house and started wheezing that we decided to have Mary take him in. Mary took him to the Urgent Care by our house, and I kept the girls up expecting then to be home to all go to bed a just little later than usual. When Mary called at 9:00, I though she'd be on her way home. Instead she said Seamus might have pneumonia and to look up dextracardia because the doctor said his heart was on the wrong side according to his chest x-ray. I flipped out. I looked the condition up, saw some comforting things on WEBmd designed to give free medical information. I also read some frightening things about this disorder on other websites designed to scare the Hell out of you. Between looking things up and getting the girls in bed, I called my mom about twenty times to listen to my rants. Mary ended up taking him to the ER because his blood oxygen was low even after a breathing treatment and his coughs sounded like a seal barking. At the hospital we found out he had croup, not pneumonia. The doctor gave him a shot of steroids to bring the swelling in his throat down and a Popsicle to soothe his throat. Mary showed the x-rays to the doctors there, and they noticed that his liver was also on the wrong side! This is so rare that the ER docs gave him an ultrasound. So it turned out that his heart and liver was indeed on the correct side of his body! Mary called and told me this at about 10:45. It seems that the x-ray results were reversed at the Urgent Care. I would elaborate about how I feel about the people who work there, but as the cliche says "If you can't write something nice, you might get sued for libel." So everything turned out OK. Seamus got to have a Popsicle at 10:30 on a Sunday and we know where NOT to go for our medical emergencies.

Seamus at the Hospital

A couple weeks ago Mary decided to make banana bread, she had a lot of help

Katie helping Mommy make banana bread

Seamus helping Mommy make banana bread

Helena helping Mommy make banana bread

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