Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter to Helena

Dear Helena,
Where has the time gone? In just about a week you will be turning 2. We can still picture you with your big blue eyes staring up at us with a giant paci in your mouth or giving us a “Shark Bite-Beana Kiss.” You are still our little Bean and love to be held when you wake up from your naps. You are a very quick learner and since you are a light sleeper, you end up getting lots of one on one time to learn your letters and numbers. You can name almost the whole alphabet already and love to read books! Every day you surprise us with something new that you have learned or can say. You are VERY smart and we think that might be trouble one day! Even though you are still the smallest you have no problem holding your own with your brother and sister. They love to console you whenever you are sad and you love the attention. You are very athletic and can run and jump all day long. Your favorite toys are your Baby Deer who sleeps with you, Elmo, and anything you can play with outside. You love being outside and get upset when it’s time to come in. Rain or shine we think you’d stay out there all day if we let you. Helena, you are very sensitive and we don’t have to yell at you often but when we do, you get very upset. It often takes quite a while to calm you down. You wear your heart on your sleeve already, and we hope you always keep that quality. You have quite the sweet tooth and just last week insisted that Mommy make you a cupcake. We made them of course since you asked so nicely… You are very strong willed and almost stubborn at times, a trait you get from both Mommy and Daddy. You always want your brother and sister to be just like you, whether it is wearing a tu-tu, a hat, or no socks. One of your favorite words is “self” since you want to do everything yourself. Strong will is a good quality to have but you will have to learn to compromise a little too. Mommy and Daddy are very proud of the little girl with the “pretties” in her hair that you are becoming!
Mommy and Daddy

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