Thursday, May 20, 2010

Letter to Seamus

Dear Seamus,
In a little over a week you are going to be turning 2. We can picture you telling us how old you’re going to be and saying “birfdy, happy” in your little boy voice. It’s almost sad that we can’t call you a baby anymore but you’ve grown so much this past year that it’s clear you are all little boy now. You love to cause trouble with your sisters as any brother should! Taking the toys they are playing with is one of your favorite pastimes. The other is trying to figure out how stuff works. You are VERY inquisitive and smart. If there’s a way to take something apart you are going to find it. Sometimes this part of your personality gets you into trouble though since you’re listener turns off when you are trying to figure something out. Because of this you spend more time in time-out than your sisters but you are still a very good boy Seamus! Learning to talk with two chattering sisters around you has made you a little more laid-back but if there’s something you want to say, you make it known… loudly! You are very strong and love to wrestle. We have a feeling you will the first one to get out of your crib. You could probably do it now, but luckily for us you don’t know that yet. You are very caring and are always concerned about where everyone is. You wake us up in the morning by calling our names. You love to give giant Tater hugs and kisses. Sometimes it feels like you might pop our heads off but we’re not complaining. Whenever we go to the park, it’s always you who wants to pick Mommy a pretty dandelion “flower.” Your favorite toys are Mouse that sleeps with you, your “Bob” pillow that has a Sponge Bob pillow case , and anything you can ride on. You'll do laps riding your toys around the house and saying whee! Your favorite shirt to wear is your hockey jersey, and you point to your chest and say “Wings! Hockey!” every time you wear it (This make Daddy very happy)! Mommy and Daddy are very proud of the little man you are becoming and can’t wait to see what this next year brings!
Mommy and Daddy

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