Monday, May 17, 2010

What a Bunch of Animals!

Pat and I skipped work today to hang out with the kids! Shhh, don't tell... In reality it was a necessity for one of us to be home since Grandpa was still on his way home from my cousin's wedding in Savannah this past weekend. Congrats Tricia and Danny!! We've had a fun extended weekend especially since last week was rainy and cold. Friday evening we went and saw Clay play soccer. He almost scored a goal! Katie was trying so hard to go play with the big kids. I think she's going to be the next Mia Hamm but I may be biased. Saturday was Victorian Days in Romeo so we took a walk around town. No stroller, we actually walked! Good thing Main Street isn't very long because by the time we made the turn all three of them were starting to drag. We watched some musicians, a trolley, and a horse-drawn carriage. We also made cupcakes. Helena kept asking for them, so we made them. That girl has such a sweet tooth! Sunday we had a first birthday party to attend for a friend of mine's daughter. The party was at a park and we played like crazy on the slides and swings. We even got to have a picnic lunch and birthday cake before coming home. The party was in Allen Park so thankfully even though we missed our naps, they did get to sleep the whole car ride home. Today we went to the zoo and boy were the animals active! We ran into a mom and little boy that we knew from when the kids were in physical therapy. It was so weird seeing how much he has changed in a year. Pat also ran into people he knew from work. Wouldn't you know the one day we play hooky, classes from his school are on a field trip to the same place! Walking around the butterfly house was much easier this year and since we outgrew our zoo hats, we got some new ones while we were there. We also got to go out to lunch at American Pie and got their birthday cake ordered for their 2nd birthday party. Less than 2 weeks to go and we'll have three 2 year olds on our hands!

The trio and I in front of the fountain for the first time this year

Wow! We saw the gorillas and lions too!

Rhinos and Hippos, Oh my!

Katie's favorite!

Oohh bugs!

Pat and the trio in the butterfly house!

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