Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Two Year Olds, 2 BBQs, and a Baptism

Happy Birthday Katie, Seamus and Helena! We had one heck of a busy holiday weekend, starting off with the big 2nd Birthday Party for the kids (I guess I need to stop calling them babies now). Good thing we had some help getting things ready. Grandpa Huddas and Uncle Steve set up big tents for us, Aunt Kathy Dressig decorated their Sesame Street cake, and Aunt Kathy Murphy, who came over to stay a couple nights from NC, help set up some decorations and stuff on Saturday morning. We had a good turn out and it was nice having pretty much all of our family and friends at the new house, at the same time. We really lucked out on the weather and we all enjoyed spending the afternoon outside playing games, decorating cookies and whacking a turtle pinata. After the party we didn't really relax, we went to Mary's cousin Nicholas' Christening on Sunday Morning. Then we went to Uncle Chris' Birthday BBQ and I got to see baby Ava for the first time. After that much excitement any normal people with three 2 year olds may have relaxed, but no one has ever accused us of being normal. We went to Milford on Monday morning for a Memorial Service at Mary's Grandparent's Cemetery. Afterwards we went to a BBQ at Uncle Kenny and Aunt Margo Huddas' house. The kids had fun watching the squirrels and chipmunks. Uncle Kenny took the kids and I on a "Gator" ride through the woods. Helena insisted on going three times. Its a good thing we started giving Katie Zyrtec and use Neutrogena sun screen, because we didn't have a break out from the lotion all weekend! Right after everyone got done eating lunch, the rain decided to roll in. We all went into the house or garage to stay dry. Some how during the rain Seamus, Grandpa, Clay, Drew and I all ended up out in the rain. Good thing Mary had the forethought to have a spare set of clothes for Seamus to change into. All in all we had a fun break from work and the kids enjoyed their Birthday weekend.

OOOOH! Presents!

Aunt Kathy Murphy, Helena, Katie and Seamus on "Kathy's Bed." Hooray!

Seamus in his Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Helena in her Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Katie in her Birthday Shirt and Party Hat

Birthday Cake

Seamus, Katie, and Helena with their Pinata Baggies

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