Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy, Busy...

Our first Popsicles!

Swimming with Aunt Kathy D at the garage sale

Helena at the corn roast

Seamus and Ashley at corn roast

Katie and Abby at corn roast

It's been a while since our last post and I honestly can't tell you where then time went but I feel like we've been super busy the last few weeks. We finished the month of July by having a huge garage sale. We sold enough of our stuff to have all of the baby equipment we still have fit into the spare room down stairs. Speaking of... if you know anyone who needs a triple decker stroller we have one for a good price! Around the same time as our garage sale we had a case of the stomach flu travel through our house. Seamus took it the worst and actually had to go to urgent care after barfing all over his sister (Katie) and himself at my Aunt Kathy's annual corn roast. I am still so happy we were outside at the time! Nothing a little water from the hose couldn't wash away. We did have to leave early though and I missed getting to hang out with the Huddas side of the family. Oh well, there will be other times. The big news is we have 3 walking babies! Seamus is still the best walker but Katie has been doing really well the last week or so as well. Helena has taken a bunch of steps but still walks a little bit like Frankenstein or as we call her Franken-bean! Yesterday Pat and I got to actually get out of the house alone and go golfing! Thanks again everyone for watching them!! We also had our last swimming lesson today. Grandpa Huddas has been nice enough to come along with us since Aunt Kathy D has been out of town. I think that officially catches us up. Phew! Tomorrow we are going to Birch Run to get ALL of us some new shoes. I hope! The plan is to try to finish all of our summer chores in the next week so we can enjoy our last week or so of summer vacation. Wish us luck! Personally, I'm not going to hold my breath. I'll also try to update a little more often. We've got lots of family coming in to visit so we should have lots to post!!

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