Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hey Boo Boo

Katie took some big strides in her walking. After weeks of trying to get her to walk without holding onto fingers, she took six steps without us even telling her too. That's our Katie, she does everything on her own time. On Wednesday we went camping after swimming and lunch to Jelly Stone Park in Indian River. The babies had a lot of fun their second time camping because they all can walk a bit more and this camp ground had Yogi Bear! They also went to the beach for the first time and played in the sand and even splashed around in the lake! We got back home and started to prepare for the garage sale that we're having this weekend to sell some of the baby stuff the kids have grown out of. So it has been a pretty busy week with camping, swimming, and getting ready for the garage sale we have been quite busy. The babies are having fun and doing more every day, pretty soon they will all be running in different directions! The pictures are from their camping trip.

Helena, Seamus and Katie playing in the camper

Grandpa Huddas, some babies and I on the Yogi Wagon Ride

Helena, Seamus and Katie arriving at the beach

Helena playing in the sand

Seamus playing in the sand

Katie playing in the sand

All of us at the beach

Mommy and the girls in the lake

Seamus and me in the lake

Seamus and Helena riding their cousin Drew's bike

All of us with Yogi

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