Monday, August 31, 2009

Where has the Summer Gone?

All good things have to come to an end. Starting tomorrow morning both Mary and I have to go back to work for the year. We have had a great summer spending nearly every moment with Katie, Seamus and Helena; and we tried to have some fun the last couple days of vacation. On Friday Aunt Debbie and their cousins came over and watched and played with the babies. On Saturday we went to Aunt Becca's house to celebrate their cousin Drew's 2nd Birthday Party. At the party the babies discovered how much fun a four-wheeler Powerwheel can be. Lucky for them we recently were given one so we played on them the last couple of days, they got to show off their driving skills to Grandma and Grandpa Murphy today. On Sunday we took our final trip to the Zoo for the summer, but I'm sure we'll go in the fall. The kids also had their 15 month checkup at the doctor this morning. Katie is still the biggest of the trio measuring 31", 24 lbs 1 oz, and a cranium 18 3/4" in circumference! Seamus is 30 1/4", 21 lbs and also a noggin of 18 3/4". Helena is 29" long, a head that's 17 1/2" and weighs a dainty 18 lbs 8 oz. The doctor is pleased with their growth and how well they are doing with developmental stuff. The pictures are from the kids playing in the house and playing outside yesterday.

Seamus and Katie

Helena kissing Katie

Seamus on 4-Wheeler

Katie driving her car

Helena driving her car

Seamus in his swing

Helena in her swing

Katie deciding she likes her swing

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