Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Babies!

Pat and the babies in our room at Boyne

Clay and Katie playing "grape coffee." Don't ask... I don't get it either!

Floor time at Boyne

Helena the Bed Hog

This weekend Pat and I took the babies up to Boyne Mountain for our annual family ski trip with the GCU. It's about a four hour drive and the babies did awesome both going there and coming home! We only had to stop once each way for lunch. It was our first experience taking them so far away from home and for a whole weekend. Stopping at fast food places to feed 3 babies was a little crazy but we made it work. We were actually a big hit at the McDonalds we stopped at in West Branch! The weekend went pretty well even though it was so cold that we didn't get to actually spend any time outdoors. We did get to see the slopes from our hotel windows and got to hang out with Grandma at the lodge. Drew and Clay were their too so the babies got to spend some time with their cousins. The only drawback of the whole weekend was Helena refusing to sleep in her Pack and Play. Since we were all crammed into one room we couldn't let her just cry or else she would have keep her brother and sister up too. She ended up getting to sleep with me the first night and with Pat the second since we had 2 double beds in our room. She was in heaven...Pat and I were in some sleep deprived fog. Who would have thought that such a little thing could be such a bed hog!
Yesterday the babies went for their monthly dose of their RSV shot. We should be getting closer to the end of those. (I hope!) Their current weights are:
Katie: 19 lbs 8oz
Seamus: 17 lbs 14oz
Helena: 15 lbs 11oz

The older they get the more spread out in size they seem to be. I'm just happy that Katie is still over 2 lbs away from out-growing her car seat. I really don't want to have to change to the stationary seats until the spring. It's much easier to strap them in and carry them out to the car, even if our arms do feel like they're breaking with every added ounce! I will post more updates tomorrow... for now I need to work on getting to sleep. Helena decided she wanted to play from about 3:30am-5:30am last night!

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