Wednesday, January 28, 2009

34 weeks 6 days

Exactly 34 weeks and 6 days ago our beautiful babies were born. This is a milestone for us since that's how long they made it before being born as well. Pat always says that they were my babies then and his babies now. I guess this means that after today we'll have to share them. I just can't believe that tomorrow they will be 8 months old! In some ways it seems like just yesterday we were at the hospital wondering how this crazy journey would pan out. Now it's 8 months later and we're still trying to figure out the answer! As I posted yesterday, all of the babies gained some weight over the past month. Katie gained the most as usual- I think this is most likely since she's the only one not teething at the moment (and she LOVES food!). Her count is still at 4- 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. Helena also gained quite a bit of weight this past month. She's still the smallest and still in size 2 diapers even though the other 2 are in size 3. We're almost to the point where all 3 of them are wearing different size clothes too. I guess being a triplet doesn't mean anything when it comes to how fast you grow. Helena has 2 teeth- both on the bottom, but she's been drooling and chewing her hands and every ones faces like crazy so I have a feeling she's got a few more on the way. Seamus only gained 3 ounces this past month. He also has been teething like crazy so we've seen lots of drool and lots of spitting up. Only one tooth to show for it so far though! His acid reflux medicine doesn't seem to be working as well for him as it does for the girls, so I have a feeling we may need to up the dose or change it at our next appointment. I guess as long as he's gaining something I'm not going to worry about it too much. Besides, that boy never stops moving. He's still not "real" crawling yet but he scoots, army crawls, and rolls like a champ! He even sat up on his knees today and just sat there without holding on to anything. He also pulls himself up on us, not on furniture yet, thank goodness. Seamus' biggest accomplishment though, happened today at dinner. He held his bottle all by himself for the first time! We were soooo proud! Of course the girls have absolutely no interest in holding theirs (the lazy lumps!), but Seamus was an all-star! We'll see if we have a repeat performance anytime soon. We can hope! Here's a picture of him being a big boy and holding his own bottle.

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Team Darnell said...

What an amazing day!! We also took a moment to celebrate on the day that they had spent more time 'out' than 'in.'

Time flies by so fast!!