Saturday, January 17, 2009

Baby it's Cold Outside

This week has been an exciting week for all of us. The temperature has dropped very low so Mary and I immediately started hoping for Cold Days to get out of work. The babies had their Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin and their cousin Conner come to visit on Wednesday. They were kind enough to give us some Amish bread (which we pounded down in approximately 15 seconds) and Conner played with the babies and their toys. Our cold day finally came on Friday and it was great to have the day off to spend with some babies. Since we were home, we made a special discovery...Helena cut her first tooth! Now we are waiting for her to catch up to her sister's 4 teeth and wonder if Seamus will need to get fitted for dentures because his teeth do not seem to want to come in. Friday we also had an appointment to get their helmets checked. Seamus went first and our helmet fitter was very pleased with his noggin's progress, and he got his helmet expanded for his growing head. Next Helena got measured and it seems if we are lucky she may graduate from her helmet at our next doctor's appointment, she is near to perfect in her measurements! Next Katie went and she got her helmet adjusted and we learned that she too had made tremendous progress as her head has gone through a 1/2 " of correction. She thinks that Katie and Seamus may still need a couple more months of helmet time. Today Seamus had some tummy problems, we think he may have a virus or be teething (Mary found a phantom tooth) or both. He seemed to be better by the end of the night. We hope he gets better soon and all the babies feel okay by our trip to Boyne next weekend. The pictures are from Uncle Tim, Aunt Robin and Conner's visit and the other one is from today when all the babies decided to show off how they all can sit.

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