Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to work and Big News for 2009!

Pat and I are back to work this week. No more Christmas vacation which really stinks, but I'm counting the days until our next vacation so I guess that might help me make it through. On the home front, we have big news in the world of Ms. Kathryn Murphy! She officially has 4 teeth! Two on the top and two on the bottom. No teeth for Seamus or Helena yet so she's all alone in "teethville." The top picture shows a few of them if you look really closely. Katie also is now a 2009 graduate of physical therapy! No more seeing Ms. Heather once a week. We're going to miss her but I have to say that I will not miss going there every week. We have been going once or twice a week since August so it will be nice to have our afternoons free again. Seamus is done wearing his TOT collar (hopefully for good!). He hasn't really been tilting much anymore and wearing it during feeding times had been making him gag so we're taking a break from it. The second picture is our pinwheel of babies from the first day back from vacation. Grandpa actually survived too!

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