Friday, September 12, 2008

Quack, Quack

Seamus and Katie had their appointments with the neurosurgeon on Monday. Grandpa went with us to the doctor since Pat had to work. The babies were very good even though they had to get up early so we could be there on time. The doctor took a look at Katie's head for about 10 seconds and told us that he thought using positioning techniques like placing rolled up blankets under her head would work and if not to come back when she was 5 months. No measuring, nothing. He was more concerned about the shape of Seamus's head and sent us down to Children's Hospital to get a skull x-ray. He wanted to make sure that the sutures in the back of his head had not fused already. Well, it took until this afternoon and about a billion unanswered phone messages for us to finally hear back from the doctor with the results. Seamus's head is fine, he thinks his head shape may just be due to his prematurity. Uh huh, right.
Needless to say we were more than a little disappointed with the results that we got from this doctor. We had heard such good things about him, which makes it even more frustrating. How exactly are you supposed to make a 3 month old not wiggle off of a rolled up blanket when she's sleeping? And if they are going to need helmets why are we waiting another 2 months when they could be close to being out of them by then?
We had physical therapy on Tuesday and talked to our PT Kevin about how upset we were. He being the Greatest guy in the world asked if we would mind if he set us up with a cranio-facial specialist. He knows one down at Childrens that has worked on a bunch of his patients. He remeasured Seamus's head and helped Katie's PT Heather remeasure her head to be sure there was still a big enough discrepancy between the sides of their heads to warrant a helmet. (Anything over 1cm difference and a helmet should be considered, both are well over 1.5cm.) We are going to see this new doctor next month and actually all 3 babies will be evaluated just to be on the safe side. It was the earliest we could get in, but since it's down at Childrens we shouldn't have to wait too long for helmet measuring and fitting after that. The other thing is they have to be able to hold their heads up completely before wearing a helmet and they're not quite there yet. Any day now and we will be!
Physical therapy is going well. Katie is making a ton of progress and has actually started to babble and coo a lot more now as well as picking her head up a ton during tummy time. Her neck control is getting really good! Seamus is a PT all-star! He's getting very close to being cut down to going only once a week. He's also our biggest talker. Sometimes it takes forever to feed him because all he wants to do is talk to you and smile instead of eat. Helena is doing real well also. She's finally on the same formula as the other 2 and is actually eating better now that we've switched her over. She's the most inquisitive of the 3 and by far the lightest sleeper. Her biggest problem is she gets herself over-tired because she's afraid that if she goes to sleep, she might miss something! Grandpas just loves it when that happens. She's such a pleasant child for him on days like that! He's only met us at the door once or twice this week saying that he's going to quit. I keep explaining to him that there is a no-quit clause in his contract so he can't! Seriously though, this week went really well. I'm just happy it's over!
Enjoy the pictures. In order- Katie, Seamus with a boo-boo nose and Helena!

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