Friday, September 26, 2008

Big Babies

This week has been a long one. I'm happy that it's over! The babies were still sick at the beginning of the week and actually went to the doctor on Monday. Pat took the day off of work and grandpa went with them. We were told that yep, they have colds, surprise, surprise! The good news out of all of this though is that we found out our insurance will cover the RSV vaccine, which is awesome! The vaccine is a series of 6 shots, one per month that they give to preemies to help protect them during flu season. Since they were born with under-developed lungs they are at higher risk for getting RSV. It costs $1100 per shot per baby so we are very lucky! They got weighed in at the doctor as well and Seamus is 13 lbs 5oz, Katie is 12 lbs 12oz, and Helena is 11 lbs exactly. They haven't quite caught up to where they should be yet but they're getting there! The other good news from this week is that Seamus has been cut down to going to therapy only one time per week. We also do not have to stretch him at home anymore! Now if we could just get him into a helmet he'd be just about done with therapy completely. Katie's been doing really well at her sessions and has continued her progress at home. She's probably the best at tummy time now because she spends the most time doing it. I've included a picture of the 3 of them showing off how well they can hold themselves up (L-R Seamus, Helena, Katie) and hanging out in Katie's crib before their baths (L-R Katie, Helena, Seamus).

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